4 Easiest Ways Ever to Accessorize the Kitchen

We are not misers when it comes remodeling the kitchen but often, you don’t have the liberty to spend big or execute comprehensive overhauls. This is when tips about remodeling the kitchen via smart accessorizing can be very helpful. We feel there are two sides to the accessorizing story:

  1. No matter how big your kitchen is, you don’t want accessories to eat into the available space—kitchen accessories need to be space-smart!
  2. Kitchens are prone to looking dated since these surfaces are heavily used and continuous footfalls tend to take a toll—kitchen accessories should be able to make the kitchen look younger, more refreshing!

Stylish Cabinetry

Double Duty Kitchen Design

Overview of Trending Kitchen Accessorizing Trends:

  • Customizing the kitchen space is big on minds of homeowners—we recommend kitchen accessorizing in the most serious way if you are concerned about lending your kitchen a touch of personalization. Accessories can do this with amazing ease. Rather than following preached trends, make the kitchen reflect your taste, your lifestyle choices…the kitchen presents a massive canvas to express yourself.
  • Being the missing link—unique accessories can do much more than raise the kitchen’s utility. They can bring that missing element into the space. For instance, a conventional kitchen might need a bit of digital smartness. Accessories can also add more character, give a new edge to existing dimensions, and enhance the style of any kitchen.

Take a breather!

We realize this might sound overwhelming but we are here to ease you into the world of kitchen accessorizing. We suggest these 4 Ways to Accessorize Your Kitchen to enhance its overall aesthetics and usability:


Kitchen Art

Kitchen Art To Make your Kitchen More Lively

1. Kitchen Art: You Don’t Need to buy Picasso, just get creative

Kitchen walls might be painted with your favorite color or covered in beautifully patterned wallpapers, but the fact remains that they can always be made more attractive by hanging some artwork. Framed photos and paintings can make your kitchen more interesting, but don’t stick to these options only.

You can always experiment with framed quotes to add a more inspiring touch. You can give your kitchen a more dramatic update by displaying some vintage movie posters. All this artwork will add some delightful points of visual engagement. This is easy kitchen art without really getting artistic. You can play and explore your own blend of paintings, photos, and other works of art to create something that complements the overall décor.

 Kitchen hardware

See How Some Simple Fundamentals Make your Kitchen More Spacious

2. Get more out of your Kitchen’s Hardware

Whether you want to add a vintage, modish, or royal look to your kitchen—unique, decorative knobs and handles present an easy answer. Small and often sidelined as being purely functional, kitchen hardware components can create a huge impact on the overall aesthetics. This time, while remodeling your kitchen, give the ornate and floral knobs a chance instead of the usual brass and wooden options. You can even use bright-colored knobs and handles to add some contrast or a vibrant feel to your kitchen. If you are brave enough to mix and match your hardware, think about contrasting hardware options. For instance, upper kitchen cabinets can have stainless steel finish knobs while those located in the kitchen peninsula and sink area can be in rustic copper.

3. Some Living Room Additions to the Kitchen

Curtains, rugs, and flowerpots are for decorating the living room…right? Not necessarily!

You can add some living room staples to the kitchen too. Consider herbal potted plants that emanate that typical green, refreshing fragrance. This can work wonders when installed around the sink area, neutralizing any odors and pep-up an otherwise utilitarian spot in the kitchen. Options for adding bright-colored accessories are endless, ranging from bar stools and small rugs to curtains—you might find some unbelievably useful decorative accessories at thrift stores too! Potted plants are easy to install and give you an interesting DIY opportunity. You can paint and decorate the plant yourself or make it a family project. We suggest something like Mint that can be easily potted indoors and has a typically refreshing aura.

4. Don’t Forget to Put the Skirts on…on the Sink!

We guess dressing-up the kitchen sink does not rank high in most kitchen accessorizing guides but believe us it can work magic!

Sink skirts miraculously continue to escape the attention of some seasoned kitchen decorators too. Just try them once even if there are cabinets or shelves beneath the sink. By hanging a sink skirt, you add a bit of old-world charm to your kitchen, not rustic or vintage but a classical bit of accessorizing. You can choose from plain, decorated, buttoned, sewn, buttoned, or layered sink skirts. You can even prepare your own from a used bed sheet or curtain—consider this a relatively easy DIY kitchen project where your chances of excelling are sky-high.

We will try to add more with a follow-up discussion. The idea is to share kitchen accessorizing ideas that are slightly unusual yet easy and can be pursued on a budget. If you have something that our community of readers can use, please comment below…

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