5 Design Ideas For Showcasing Your Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey kitchen cabinets may not be as popular as white or other neutral shades, but they’re a seriously underrated option for contemporary and traditional kitchens alike. Grey is probably one of the most misunderstood colors when it comes to home design. While many homeowners are warming to the shade, grey still suffers from the reputation of being dull, boring and cold.

Indeed, with the wrong design elements, your grey kitchen cabinets can look washed out and your kitchen can look dark and unappealing. However, with just the right accents and a great complementary color or two, you can design a grey kitchen straight from the pages of your favorite home design magazine.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets & White Design Elements

Photo Source: kitchensearch.com

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When designing around grey kitchen cabinets – particularly darker cabinets – contrasting hues are necessary to prevent your kitchen from looking too dark or washed out. The easiest design trick is to pair your grey kitchen cabinets with white design elements.

This kitchen uses bright white countertops, backsplash, walls, ceiling and bar stools to bring necessary contrast to a kitchen full of dark grey. Natural lighting is also very important, as it helps to brighten the room even more. Subtle metallic accents help to tie the entire look together.

Grey, Black, White & Gold

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This gorgeous kitchen design leans towards a warmer character with light grey kitchen cabinets and plenty of warm, gold accents. While the black kitchen island and range hood are quite dark, a combination of light cabinet colors, ample natural lighting and indoor lighting help to brighten up the look significantly.

The stark contrast between the black & white cabinets, countertop and backsplash is virtually eliminated by the grey kitchen cabinets and grey-toned, gold-accented bar stools. When trying to create a kitchen design such as this in your own home, balance is key. Try to be even-handed with your shades of grey, black and white.

Embracing An All-Grey Kitchen Design

While many homeowners want to shy away from grey, this kitchen boldly embraces the shade. The brilliance of this kitchen is the closely matching shades of grey and metallic, stainless steel accents. Designer legs and raised-panel grey kitchen cabinets bring traditional design elements to a kitchen whose monochromatic tones are decidedly contemporary.

This kitchen design might be quite posh, but it isn’t impossible to recreate for yourself! When choosing your flooring, countertop and backsplash, choose shades of grey that closely match your kitchen cabinets. Use some white accessories, and stainless steel or chrome hardware and fixtures to bring the look together.

Mixing & Matching Shades of Grey

Photo Source: Tineke Triggs; Courtesy of Elle Decor

Why stick to just one shade of grey when there are countless to choose from? The awesome thing about grey is that it’s very hard to clash when utilizing multiple shades. This kitchen uses two different shades of grey kitchen cabinets, both of which match perfectly with the grey tones in the marble countertop.

While the island takes on a cooler character with darker shades of grey, the rest of the kitchen is unquestionably warm. Brown wooden flooring, orange accessories and a backsplash with hues of light grey and cream all warm up this grey kitchen nicely.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets With Wooden Accents

Photo Source: Don Pedro Home Design; Courtesy of idealhome.co.uk

Just when you thought grey kitchen cabinets couldn’t get any more interesting, this grey kitchen takes things to a whole new level. Designing your grey kitchen with readily complementary colors such as black, white and silver can be the easy route to take, but stepping outside the box can pay off even more.

Whatever your favorite shade of grey, there are woods stained in colors that can help accentuate and elevate your otherwise bland grey kitchen cabinets. The above kitchen prominently features white in its flooring, countertop and backsplash. However, the medium-toned wooden accents and matching golden tones in the hanging lights add an unexpected, attractive flair to this kitchen that simply can’t be denied.

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