5 Tips For Designing Your Bathroom Vanity

Designing your own bathroom vanity can be quite simple when using RTA cabinets. With the right knowledge, you can easily put together the proper elements to design your perfect bathroom. Here are some simple tips for designing your own bathroom vanity.

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Create your own white galley bathroom design using RTA vanity cabinets!

1. Know Your Bathroom Layout

How will your bathroom vanity look? Depending on your bathroom size, you have the option of choosing between a one-wall, L-shaped, U shaped, or galley vanity design. Most bathrooms utilize a simple, one-wall vanity. However, if you have additional space, you can choose to have the vanity wrap around to a perpendicular wall, forming an “L” shape. For extra large bathrooms, the vanity can wrap around to both perpendicular walls, forming a “U” shape. You also have the option of placing vanities on two parallel, opposite walls, which is known as a galley design. This is great for walk-through bathroom designs. Keep in mind that the layout of your bathroom will also determine the number of vanity cabinets needed to fit the space, which will affect the price.

2. Choose Your Door Style

The cabinet door style that you choose will ultimately serve as the foundation of your entire bathroom style. A Shaker cabinet door style such as our Ice White, Greystone, Nova Light Grey, and Pepper Shaker cabinet styles is perfect for more contemporary design styles. Raised-panel door styles such as our Signature Pearl and Signature Brownstone vanity doors are great for more traditional bathroom designs.

3. Decide How Many Sinks Your Bathroom Vanity Needs

The number of sinks that you desire for your bathroom vanity will determine which vanity cabinets you’ll need to purchase. Of course, the size of your bathroom matters, too. You won’t be able to fit two separate sinks in a bathroom that has less than 60 inches of vanity space.

If you do have ample space, our RTA vanity cabinets offer a number of options for sink base cabinets. RTA vanity cabinets are offered in 12″, 15″, 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″ sizes. Larger 48″ vanity cabinets are a combination of a 24″ sink base and a B12 cabinet on either size. The sink base size that you choose will depend on the size of your sink.

Also keep in mind how much countertop space you’ll need. While 60″ of vanity of space could theoretically hold two 24″ sink base cabinets, it will cost you a lot of necessary countertop space.

4. Choose Your Countertop

When choosing your vanity countertop, you’ll have to consider the material type, color, and cost. Keep in mind that the countertop that you choose will be coming into contact with moisture quite often, so softer, porous materials such as wood and laminate are probably not a good idea. Granite is a very popular option for bathroom vanities, but it has to be properly maintained and sealed every couple years ago. However, with proper maintenance, it’s a durable and attractive option. Man-made quartz countertops are also a great option. Granite and quartz do tend to be pricier than cheaper materials such as laminate, but you should weigh the cost of possibly having to replace the countertop further on down the line due to water damage.

5. Choose Your Sink Type

Bathroom sinks come in a number of installation types. Drop-in sinks are dropped into a designated cut-out in your countertop, with edges that sit on top. These sinks are easy to install, but run the risk of collecting dirt around the edges. Undermount sinks are aesthetically pleasing, especially for contemporary bathroom styles. These are mounted by clips underneath your countertop. However, installation tends to be complicated and would require the assistance of a professional. Vessel sinks are bowl-style sinks that sit on top of the countertop, and are also an attractive option.

Sink material and color are also important to consider, and will depend on your overall bathroom style. Do you prefer a classic porcelain, or a seamless stone sink that blends in with your countertop? These choices will depend on your personal aesthetic and your budget.

After you’ve figured out all of these elements, you have enough information to begin designing the bathroom vanity of your dreams. Once your vanity design is completed, additional design elements such as hardware and fixture finishes and paint colors can be decided upon. Here are some questions to decide upon to complete your bathroom design:

  • What kind of color scheme do I want?
  • Do I want a painted wall, wallpaper or wall tiles?
  • Which type of cabinet hardware style will best match my overall design? Pulls? Knobs? Neither?
  • Which kind of fixtures do I want? Stainless steel? Chrome? Brushed metal?
  • What kind of lighting do I need? Recessed lights? Wall-mounted lights? Mirror lights? A combination?
  • What kind of mirror do I prefer?

If you feel like you still need design assistance, consider using the help of a designer. At Stock Cabinet Express, we offer free design help to all of our customers. With the right guidance, you can have your desired bathroom vanity in no time!

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