7 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Premium

Unless you are a millionaire, this title should engage your attention. We realize that homeowners are constantly on the lookout for ways to make their kitchen appear more upscale without actually spending big. This creates more confusion when you have to choose between durability/quality and saving money. While we cannot promise turning your kitchen into a virtual palace without spending a penny, we can get you closer to this distant reality. Please note, we don’t recommend using cheaper alternatives that are prone to falling apart. Instead, our focus is to manipulate, recycle, rearrange, and reuse stuff to make the kitchen look more premium. These are tricks to create a visual impact, on a budget…

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Stylish Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

1. The Trick Lies in Detailing

It may sound a little philosophical, but sometimes little things are capable of bringing about a big change. You need that luster to uplift the aura of your kitchen, to induce that newly installed feeling. Hardware acts as ornamentation on your kitchen cabinetry and for this reason it should be selected with great precision. Using elegant knobs and pulls can effortlessly bring an upscale look to your kitchen’s décor. You can even use reclaimed kitchen hardware, refurbishing and polishing it to look like new. Similarly, if there are any grout lines, refresh them. This can be a very easy DIY project that will yield instantly visible results.

2. Creating Focal Points

We always emphasize on artwork or backsplash in the kitchen for the aesthetic elegance they bring without costing a bomb. Decorative backsplashes provide you the opportunity to refresh the kitchen’s appearance without splurging. A few colored tiles, glass or metallic, add the much vibrancy to the décor in a cost-effective manner. To add more character to the kitchen walls, try installing some oil paintings or framed family portraits. These easy installations take the attention away from aging corners of the kitchen.

3. Roll Out a Rug

Never underestimate the power of a rug! It can add warmth by providing plush comfort to your feet while cooking. However, we are not discussing the underfoot aspect here. We recommend a rug because it has this aura of lavishness about it. Choose a rug that looks a lot more expensive that its sticker price. Vacuum it regularly to keep-up the illusion. This is also a smart way to hide aging parts of the kitchen flooring. If possible, choose hardy outdoor rugs in bright shades that can withstand heavy footfalls yet look appealing.

4. Get Innovative, Try the Unexpected

You can enhance the personality of any indoor space by introducing striking elements that stand out in the décor. We propose a simple yet amazingly effective way to do this and that too, on a budget. For instance, you can buy stools in interesting colors and shapes, placed around the kitchen peninsula or the dining counter. Other decorations that deliver a similar effect include wall ferns, small designer accessories on shelves, and mementos.

led lighted backsplash

Brilliant blue LED lights backsplash

5. Try Unusual Accessories and Light Fixtures

Lights are perhaps the most underrated element in a décor—you can easily update the overall style of your kitchen by investing in a blend of lighting fixtures. For instance, a blend of track lighting and focus lighting make the kitchen look a lot more stylish when compared to general, ceiling lighting. Other options include using chandeliers over kitchen islands and breakfast nooks.

6. Infuse a Dash of Greenery

The biggest struggle for any kitchen is to look invigorating. People have tried everything, ranging from installing potted plants to repeated dosages of florally scented air fresheners. We suggest something even better, and cheaper. Try dressing-up the windows with fabrics that have that a typical outdoorsy aura. Such kitchen linens are easy to maintain and are easily available. Try to place a few, fresh herbs on the kitchen countertop. This is not a visual element but the whiff of organic herbs adds to the feeling of a refreshing kitchen. Another money-saving trick is using florally themed wallpapers if your kitchen is short on natural light and does not open into a garden.

green kitchens

Calming and Energizing Kitchen Decor

7. Manipulate the Tiling

Tiling is an essential part of most kitchens. From backsplashes to floors, tiles are rather versatile. We implore you to use this versatility to your advantage. Rather than spending on expensive tiles, use a mix of premium and basic tiles to create a decorative pattern. This reduces the cost and delivers an equally potent effect. Try using bigger tiles in diagonal patterns for a luxe look. Combining light-hued budgeted tiles with brightly colored premium tiles works brilliantly.

Apart from these pointers, invest in new baskets, coasters, tablemats, etc. to create the impression of an upscale kitchen. If you believe we have missed something, please share your opinion…

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