7 Reasons We Recommend Patterned Back Splash Tiles

Revamping the kitchen can be difficult when you have budget constraints or you don’t want to take up a wholesome renovation. In such scenarios, we recommend ringing in small changes that can uplift the overall décor of your kitchen without overstepping the desired costs. Backsplash tiling is one such way. It can instantly make your kitchen look more stylish, better color coordinated and in harmony with contemporary kitchen design trends.

Understand this Approach

This is essentially an aesthetic kitchen upgrade. Patterned tiles do little in terms of adding any utility. Still, kitchen designers insist on patterned tiles. This is because you address multiple requirements here ranging from adding color and pattern to the kitchen to inducing new textures. Culinary spaces can get boring over a period and this is where the utility of a backsplash upgrade makes sense—it is quick and comes with infinite options. From making your kitchen bolder to more sober, you can explore an unending list of patterned backsplash tiles. However, we are not going to stop at just discussing what makes patterned backsplash tiles a wiser choice. Here, we list 7 reasons that will compel you to upgrade your kitchen with multi-patterned tiles:


Glass Paneled Backsplash

Reason 1 – Break the Monotony of Solid Colors

Contemporary kitchen trends are heavy on minimalism. This often means an overindulgence of plain, solid colors that might complement each other but overall, they can get a bit boring. Using patterned backsplash tiles, you can break this monotony without challenging the overall, minimalistic approach. Using multi-colored, meticulously selected tiles for the backsplash, you can turn a bland kitchen into something more interesting. Don’t opt for the usual patterns. Explore diverse designs, non-conformist patterns with unconventional shapes and hues, combined within the realm of your backsplash. Restrained hues of whites and neutrals might exude a classic appeal. Add a dose of unpredictability with eccentrically patterned tiles and you have just transformed your kitchen!

Reason 2 – Make the Kitchen Look More Spacious, Glitzy

You can explore patterned backsplash tiles with reflective materials. This means more natural or artificial light reflecting surfaces in the kitchen. This reflection gives an illusion of a bigger kitchen. The gleam also creates an aura of newness in the kitchen. If you have a big backsplash, think of it as the easiest medium to make your kitchen look bigger. On the other hand, if you feel that the kitchen has too much sunlight, you can use opaque darker shades in the backsplash. This ensures that the sunlit sparkle is restrained. If you insist on making the kitchen look more luxurious, invest in handmade backsplash tiles that have bits of glass and beads apart from the manufactured variety that comes with computer-generated imagery as a part of the pattern.

Reason 3 – Renovate the Kitchen Backsplash Inexpensively

From cooking area backsplashes to those around the basin area, homeowners eventually face the issue of ageing, weathered tiles. Despite the emergence of some cheaply priced tiles, you want to invest in something that adds substance and style to the kitchen. Backsplash budgeting issues are best addressed with a bit of trickery. You can combine the less expensive, plain ceramic tiles with a few designer, patterned tiles. This is a blend of saving and splurging to create an overall aura of a tastefully renovated kitchen backsplash.

Mosaic Tiles

Mordern Mosaic Tiles

Reason 4 – Transform the Backsplash into an Area of Visual Focus

Backsplash tiles can be the missing piece in your quest to create a point of visual engagement. This is best done by using unusual combinations in patterns, including a mix of bold colors and different textures. You can even combine ceramic and metallic hued tiles to create something truly dramatic. Consider this as an instant kitchen makeover where you can play around with opposing shades and different color intensities picked to create an effervescent look. You can even try something as unconventional as combining mosaic tiles with florally patterned tiles for a unique backsplash look. This is not about making the kitchen look more organized or symmetrical—the idea is to get artsy and do something remarkably different, even a visual contrast to add a tone of exclusiveness!

Reason 5 – Contribute to the Kitchen’s Color Theme

When kitchens employ a combination of colors, creating a theme becomes slightly challenging. From the shade of laminated kitchen cabinets to countertops and lighting fixtures, you need certain colors in specific places to create the perfect mix. However, the backsplash is often ignored. Patterned backsplashes give you more dexterity in this journey of creating a preferred color palette. This means using patterned tiles that contrast or complement the existing color theme. For instance, if you are using bold, dark violet drapery for the kitchen window, the nearby sink backsplash can feature a combination of dull purple and off-white patterned tiles to make a style statement. You can match the pattern of bar stool fabric with backsplash tiles!

Reason 6 – Inject Vintage Appeal in the Kitchen

From cottage kitchen to farmhouse kitchen themes, there has been a revival in retro-themed kitchen designs. Now, you can inject more soul into the vintage appeal with patterned tiles. Patterns that mimic brick walls or a weathered look are perfect for this purpose. We recommend the not-too-glossy tiles in basket-weave, subway or colonially-inspired patterns.

led lighted backsplash

Brilliant blue LED lights backsplash

Reason 7 – Inject an Unrigid, Unusual Appeal

Contemporary home and kitchen designing trends are transitional, fusing traditional design elements with creativity. Patterned tiles can contribute to this cause. From geometric textured tiles to those featuring relaxed ikat patterns make the ambiance more attention grabbing rather than jarring. This is particularly true if you have a counter-to-ceiling backsplash canvas. Imagine turquoise patterned tiles with a slight scuffed texture—an easy way to infuse the kitchen with something exceptional. For instance, using a herringbone patterned backsplash tile spread can make a very compelling textural statement.

Please contribute with your ideas, sharing how you feel about our approach to backsplash tiles. We promise to bring more interesting discussions in 2016, choosing the most happening and lesser-understood topics in the niche of kitchen designs.

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