7 Simple Ways To Update Your Kitchen On A Tight Budget

You may desperately want to update your kitchen, but it simply may not be in your budget right now. Admittedly, full kitchen remodels can be pricey. From new kitchen cabinets to new countertops to new flooring, the costs can add up quickly.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to settle for your current kitchen. Making an update to one or two parts of your kitchen can make a major difference in how your kitchen looks, feels, and operates. Here are seven simple ways to update your kitchen while on a tight budget.

Update Your Cabinet Hardware

One quick, simple and attractive way to make a change to your kitchen is to update your cabinet hardware. Your current cabinets may have outdated, boring handles and knobs (or they may have none at all!), but this doesn’t have to be the case.

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There are countless hardware designs on the market, in a wide range of prices. Personalize your cabinets with new handles and knobs that speak to your personal design preferences. The best part is that this can be done in a short time on a weekend – no major construction required.

Update Your Kitchen Faucet

Current faucets are way more technologically advanced than the faucets we all grew up with. If your faucet hasn’t been updated recently, you more than likely have a basic model that has two knobs and a spout. While this still gets the job done, you may find it more convenient to upgrade to a newer, more high tech model.

Why not opt for a hands-free faucet? If your current faucet is missing one, a hose is a great feature to help make your kitchen time more efficient and convenient. Do a bit of research and find a faucet that will make your dinnertime prep and cleanup a lot more enjoyable!

Update Your Cabinet Doors

Does your current kitchen feel small? Are your gorgeous plates and glasses hiding behind closed doors, unable to be seen by your guests? Why not swap out a few of your solid cabinet doors for glass doors? This helps to add a bit of depth to the kitchen space while also allowing you to showcase your best wine glasses.

You can also take things up a notch by adding lights inside these cabinets. Not into transparent glass? Why not add a mirror instead? There are also frosted and textured glasses that can add visual interest without exposing everything inside your cabinets.

Update Your Kitchen Lighting

Changing or even adding new lighting to your kitchen can make a huge difference in both the ambience and safety of your kitchen. If your kitchen lighting is insufficient, your kitchen may feel dark and uncomfortable. It might also be harder to see when prepping, which leaves open the possibility of unwanted accidents. Adding additional lighting in the right spots can help brighten up the space, making it easier to focus.

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Having the right combination of lighting can also create an environment that looks brand new and luxurious – even if it isn’t. Try adding some lights underneath your cabinets, swapping your singular ceiling lights for track lighting, or adding some hanging pendant light fixtures above your kitchen island. This can be a great upgrade for a kitchen that only needs just a bit of sprucing up, not a full remodel.

Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

Your old kitchen backsplash might be doing the job, but it may not be doing anything for the overall look of your kitchen. Why not swap out those old, basic tiles for something a little more interesting? With the amount of backsplash materials on the market, the possibilities are endless. Switch to a brand new material or update to a backsplash design that better matches your entire kitchen.

Update Your Kitchen Countertops

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, you may want to take the opportunity to toss out your old countertops and upgrade to something that will change your kitchen’s entire look. If you’re tired of your old tile countertops, switch to a granite slab. Are your old laminate countertops are peeling at the edges? Swap them out for newer models, which are way more durable and attractive than they used to be. Because they take up so much space in your kitchen, changing out your countertops can make your space look completely brand new.

Update Your Kitchen Decor

Maybe you’re not looking to do anything that requires hiring a contractor, which does add an extra cost. No fear! A quick trip to your local home decor store can also do wonders for your kitchen. A lot of homeowners fail to pay attention to kitchen decor, which can cause an otherwise attractive kitchen to look empty and bland. Hang some artwork, add a crystal bowl or vase, or add some plants to your windowsill. Decorations help to add life to your kitchen, making it a warmer, more comfortable, and more attractive space to be in.

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