7 Tips & Tricks for Managing a Smaller Kitchen

For too long, smaller kitchens have been looked down upon, relegated to being poor cousins of proper kitchens. Yes, a small kitchen is harder to maintain due to space-related restrictions. However, this does not mean your kitchen should be cluttered. We believe smaller kitchens can be equally impressive as their bigger counterparts—visually, functionally and as a part of your home’s décor…it is all about smarter management!

Modular smaller kitchen

See how this simple layout makes your kitchen impressive despite of limited space

What Are We Talking About?

Smaller kitchens present some advantages too. For instance, things are easily accessible, most appliances are visible, and you’re less likely to waste space. It also takes less time to clean smaller countertops. So, why all the fuss about not being happy in a smaller kitchen? We believe greater things can be achieved even if you happen to own a smaller kitchen. Here, we present some easy-to-adopt tips:

1. Play with the Color Palette on Your Kitchen’s Walls

Good housekeeping is about getting the maximum from a limited space—so true for small kitchen owners. It is also about making small adjustments to induce the aura of a bigger space. When confronted with limited kitchen space, opt for lighter shades for the walls. Unlike darker shades, hues of white reflect more light. You can also opt for paints with a more lustrous finishing. The greater the shine on the walls, the greater the illusion of a roomier kitchen. White lighting can also be accentuated by choosing better lighting fixtures. White light induces a more refreshing atmosphere as compared to yellowish lighting. You can also opt for some contrasting textures to keep an all-white room from feeling too sterile. We advocate sticking to a low-contrast color scheme to sustain the feeling of a spacious interior.

2. Think Like A Real Estate Agent

It is time to think and function likes a real estate agent trying to outsell a prime piece of property. The logic at play here is simple—there is always a corner or some nook that has been left unattended. For instance, the limited space between door of the fridge and wall can be very handy. A slender rack here with vertical shafts can be a useful storage addition! Similarly, the underside of the existing kitchen cabinets is equal to a real estate lottery. You can easily hang organizers here to free your sink space.

3. Organize with an Agenda

Invariably, most kitchens are overwhelmed with rising storage requirements. You need to create more storage options in the existing setup. This means using more baskets to eliminate too many dedicated spaces for every everyday use items.

  • Try hanging more canisters and jars on the walls.
  • Invest in the compact version of frequently used appliances.
  • You can employ small pegboards for storing the essentials.
  • Kitchen fabrics, including dusters and towels, can be suspended on smaller, equally strong hooks rather than lavish handles.
  • You can use tension rods to create a cozy little space for keeping your cleaning supplies.

4. Slenderize the Furnishings & Get Smart with Symmetry

Slender items might create the wrong impression of being weak but this not the case, especially when it comes to kitchen furnishings. Slender furnishings, particularly that of lustrous metals, give you clean lines, and gives the kitchen an uncluttered look. Be sure to pay attention to the flooring too. Diagonal line patterns give the eye a longer path to follow from one side of the room to the other—creating the feeling of the room being wider than it actually is! Striped flooring that runs from side-to-side, along the width, stretches the floor space visually. Symmetry can help in this regard too. Repeated patterns, textures, and colors give the room a more spacious look.

circular smaller kitchen

Spacious Circular Cooking Area

5. Let There be LIGHT!

You need to do more than using lighter, sober shades to accommodate more lighting in the kitchen. This does not necessarily mean overwhelming the kitchen with ultra-bright, overwhelming lighting fixtures. Simple high wattage LEDs will not get the job done. What you need is smart planning. For instance, replacing cabinet doors with glass ensures more light in the kitchen. This pulls the eye of the onlooker into the depths of the cabinets, making the walls seem more distant—a very handy, optical illusion! If possible, remove the curtains to ensure more daylight inside the kitchen. You can also consider installing reflective mirrors outside the windows to ensure more sunlight is beamed within the interiors. Sunlight also stimulates that feeling of freshness! Ceramic tiles and stainless steel also amplify the effect of natural and artificial light.

6. Embrace An Open Floor Plan Design

If you can afford a complete renovation then you should go for the open floor plan design for your kitchen, this will give your kitchen a more airy and spacious look.

7. Don’t have sufficient counter space in your small kitchen? Worry not!

We insist on thinking like a manager working with limited resources. Try putting these tips into action:

  • Decant your ingredients into elegant glass jars
  • Opaque stainless canisters lend a tidier look
  • Unearth all the underutilized spaces
  • Use the top and underside of shelves
  • Try using multi-purpose baskets
  • Employ more wall mounts

These seemingly humble tips can be very effective!

Just try them and we are sure you will be happier with your limited kitchen space.


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