8 Creative Concrete Countertop Designs

Concrete countertops are becoming more and more popular as homeowners explore choices outside of the usual granite, marble and laminate. It’s no surprise that this common material is catching on, as its many benefits make it a perfect option for kitchen countertops.

One of the main things that homeowners search for in a great countertop is its durability. Durability is precisely why granite and marble have reigned as countertop favorites – the ability to withstand the heat and wear and tear of everyday kitchen use is crucial. Concrete is supremely durable on its own, but when combined with modern sealants, concrete countertops are able to withstand heavy use without damage and without much maintenance. This makes it a perfect countertop option for both indoor and outdoor use.

Concrete countertops are also extremely versatile, and can be shaped, colored, and designed in just about any way that one could imagine. As you’ll see in the kitchens below, it is the perfect foundation for any imaginative design, including unique inlays and looks that brilliantly replicate other popular materials. If having a personalized kitchen design is something that excites you, then you’ll definitely appreciate the versatility of a concrete countertop.

A Natural Immitator

Pair your unique concrete countertop design with our simple, raised panel Gramercy White cabinetry

Concrete, unlike granite or marble, is the ultimate chameleon. Granite and marble both come with natural designs that can’t be changed, but concrete acts as a blank slate for any design you can imagine. This countertop looks almost like a slab of wood or stone, with a ragged, unfinished edge that gives a unique and interesting look to this white kitchen.

Subtle Simplicity

Photo Source: Hard Topix

This gorgeous brown concrete countertop has been designed to take on a somewhat weathered, patinated look that seamlessly ties the cabinets and backsplash together. With its natural simplicity, this concrete countertop design can pair well with just about any cabinet or kitchen design style.

Sleek & Modern

Photo Source: The Concrete Network

Proving its endless versatility, this concrete countertop has been stained a matte black that blends beautifully with this sleek, modern design. Concrete can be sized and shaped into just about any style you desire, from a staggered, multi-level look to a utilitarian design with a butcher block inset.

Bright & White

Photo Source: HGTV

Most people turn to engineered or laminate countertops when looking for a bright, solid white look, but these aren’t the only option. Concrete proves that it can take color well, as this countertop is almost indistinguishable from its engineered stone counterparts. The streak design across the middle adds an artistic, contemporary look reminiscent of a traditional table runner.

Outdoor Fiber Optics

Photo Source: The Concrete Network

Concrete’s durability and its ability to weather the elements makes it the perfect countertop option for your outdoor kitchen. This particular concrete countertop takes unique to a whole new level with bottle-shaped inlays with fiber optic lights that creates a dazzling scene. If you’re contemplating getting creative with your concrete countertop, this epic design proves that the sky is the limit!

Minimal & Monochromatic

This sleek, monochromatic kitchen utilizes a concrete countertop with a design that perfectly imitates a natural stone such as granite. Concrete countertops can also be fabricated with an integrated sink for a seamless, sophisticated look.

Raw & Rustic

Photo Source: DIY Network

If you’re into a rustic, natural, or weathered look, concrete can also fulfill this desire. Like granite, concrete is a naturally porous material that needs to be sealed to prevent stains, but you can opt to forego staining, coloring, or any sort of special design in favor of concrete’s natural look.

Photo Source: HGTV

Concrete is also great for creating a sleek and contemporary waterfall edge countertop. This refreshing look takes the place of end paneling and creates a seamless look. With durable concrete protecting the cabinet sides, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry too much about random nicks and scratches.

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