Adorably Minimalistic Bentwood Wall Hooks

Wooden wall hooks are not exactly exclusive, very utilitarian and rarely artistic. However, these Homestead Hook breaks through the clutter of similarly designed hooks and impress with their subtle curves and the hardwood aura. Ideal for everyday use and easy to install in any wall of your living space, including the kitchen, Homestead Hooks score with their bespoke design.

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Try Woody, Artistic Bentwood hooks

Understanding the bentwood hook: For starters, these are made from bentwood. As the name suggests, this material is essentially a more malleable type of wood that is wetted via steaming or soaking before it is shaped. The result is instantly visible here, with the smooth, subtle curvature. The bentwood eventually hardens into its new design and does not suffer from any structural weakness. However, bentwood hooks are not that common.

Why are we talking about this?

Despite being easily available online, the presence of bentwood hooks across American homes is rather sparse. We have spotted lots of bentwood furniture items that are light and durable, including café and lounge chains, but seldom in the form of designer hooks. Conventional wooden hooks end up being overwhelmed with the use of heavy brass and staining. The real aura of wood is usually lost.

We find this hook a bit more natural, woody and arty than the usual options. Moreover, hooks are highly under-used, rarely exploited to manage the living space. We have seen examples of how people can declutter by routing cables/wires via hooks or hanging everyday essentials like dusters in the kitchen. However, many folks are hesitant citing a hook’s humble presentation as a deterrent. Now, you have a better option!

Our Recommendation: we implore you to experiment with wooden hooks that are a step away from the usual range of designs. Just ensure you don’t overdo the walls with multiple hooks. If you plan to hammer multiple hooks on the same wall, try to create some sort of pattern—you can interpret this as Accent Hooking!

Also, Suction Hooks and Magnetic Hooks aren’t the best bet unless you are sure about their weight-bearing capacity. Magnetic hooks have another limitation—they are relevant for knives and smaller metallic appliances in the kitchen.

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