Blue Kitchens? Yes These Are Trending This Season

Blue is the new black this season! Redo your kitchen with blue or shades of blue for an interesting and refreshing kitchen decor. You can opt for numerous shades, tones and hues of the soothing color, or infuse similar or contrasting colors for an exclusive appearance. If you are a bit hesitant about how blue will appear on the kitchen walls, then go for a lighter shade or opt for a fusion of blue with any color of your choice. We would suggest that white is a safer choice in this scenario. Give wings to your imagination, experiment with colors and recreate your kitchen space with bubbly blue!

Blue kitchen

Visually Appealing Kitchen Decor

Refreshingly Blue

Blue is generally preferred in the kitchen as it is high on style, looks elegant and it emits highly positive and refreshing vibrations. It will give your kitchen a very organized, mess free and hygienic feel. Blue will give your kitchen a spacious perspective too. Opt for blue as it’s pleasing to the eyes as well as the mind.

Blue with a Companion

The best part about going blue is that you can blend it up with many colors. Amalgamate it with orange or neon shades of yellow and orange to achieve a quirky, but elegant look! However, one must not blindly paint the walls in blue, but should rather first consider the kitchen décor and then determine the shade and hue of blue required to make the place more vibrant and exclusive. One can prominently or subtly use the color depending upon their individual interests.

  • Use blue in contrast with light colors
  • Blue can complement any kitchen décor theme
  • Blue can finely fuse with almost any color

Accessorize with Amazing Blue                      

Redesigning the kitchen with blue does not mean that one has to restrict his/her imagination to just the walls; one can go for blue kitchenware, blue kitchen accessories, blue kitchen furnishings or blue kitchen fabrics. You can use the color in numerous ways. Kitchen towels, kitchen linen or kitchen window curtains can be good options for infusing this trendy and royal color into your kitchen. Use blue colored pans to accentuate your utensil stand and incorporate this subtle yet trendy color into the interiors. 

  • Go for blue kitchenware (cutlery, linen, curtains)
  • Pick colors that are from the same family or contrasting ones
Blue kitchen

Playground Modern Blue Kitchen Decor

Play with Dark Blue Meticulously 

Avoid darker shades of blue as they can be very harsh for an area like the kitchen. If you wish to use the darker shades then make sure that they are contrasted with one or two lighter shades, so that the kitchen décor will look aesthetically balanced and appealing. Use of darker shades of blue depends on the theme of the kitchen you have or wish to achieve, so it’s always better to examine the theme first and plan the entire kitchen area in advance.

  • Be careful if you wish to go for a monochromatic color theme
  • Try to create harmony with different colors

Recreate, Redesign and Revamp with Blue

Planning and designing the kitchen is an uphill task and it requires your attention for each step. Going blue might sound a bit strange to you, but it’s worth experimenting! Redesign your kitchen with this interesting color and recreate the magic in your kitchen. Blue is a color that is extremely engaging and can attract attention immediately, so use it intelligently as it can do wonders to your kitchen.  Accessorizing the kitchen with blue can be exciting and interesting as you can make things look much livelier and vibrant.

Blue is the color that is in vogue currently, so join the bandwagon and recreate your kitchen with the positive vibes of the blue! Get rid of that dull and boring kitchen; infuse some life and freshness in your kitchen by going blue!

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