7 Bold Backsplash Ideas For Your White Kitchen

While the classic monochromatic white kitchen will always be a crowd favorite, newer times call for newer ideas. More homeowners are finding ways to step out of the box by adding their own unique twist to timeless kitchen designs. One easy and eye-catching way to add a unique twist to your boring white kitchen is by adding a bold backsplash.

Because the backsplash is located between the base and wall cabinets (right below eye level), it has the opportunity to stand out. It can cover the entire space between the base and wall cabinets and even up the length of the wall in areas where there are no wall cabinets. It also stretches around the width of the kitchen, allowing for an ample canvas, so to speak. The designers of these kitchens found creative ways to turn the backsplash area into a work of art.

A Bold Backsplash With Classic Contrast

Photo Source: Home Stratosphere

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Dark & light is a classic design contrast that makes a bold aesthetic statement. The intense, dark blue granite backsplash and matching countertops in this traditional kitchen are a stark contrast to the warmer off-white cabinetry, making them very hard to ignore.

If you prefer a kitchen that makes a strong impression, then pairing your white cabinetry with a dark backsplash will easily make the backsplash stand out by comparison. For more traditional kitchens, this is a great way to create a simple bold look without incorporating any outlandish elements. Be sure to include proper ambient, task and accent lighting to bring the entire look together.

A Bold Backsplash With Eclectic Elements

Photo Source: Furnish My Way

For the artistic homeowner, a bold backsplash is a great way to truly express yourself. There are countless designer tiles on the market with unique and artistic designs. The above kitchen uses a number of patchwork tiles with similar design elements and a variety of colors that bring ample life to this smaller black & white kitchen.

When using a variety of designer tiles, it’s important to make sure that your kitchen doesn’t end up looking too busy, as it will detract from the overall aesthetic. This is especially important for smaller kitchens, as too many design elements can inadvertently cause the kitchen space to look even smaller than it actually is. White cabinets with a simple, contrasting monochrome countertop is the best foundation for playful, artistic backsplash tiles.

Bold Backsplash Bricks

Using an unexpected design element in your backsplash is one surefire way to achieve a bold look in your kitchen. In most classic white kitchens, you’ll find backsplash tiles made from materials such as ceramic, marble, granite or glass, which give a clean, polished, streamlined look. This kitchen, however, uses exposed brick as the backsplash, creating an unexpected point of contrast.

If you’re looking for a more down-to-earth, urban-inspired look for your white kitchen, then exposed brick might be the way to go. Note that exposed brick comes in a number of different hues. Lighter shades will of course give a more subdued look, while darker shades will give a more obvious contrasting look.

A Bold Backsplash of Stainless Steel

Photo Source: Decor Pad

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If you’re looking for a more unique look, then metallic backsplash slabs or tiles are a great way to achieve that look. This transitional kitchen juxtaposes natural wood floors, wood cabinets, and stone countertops with stainless steel elements. This combination creates an attractive look, and creates a contrast that allows the large backsplash area of stainless steel to stand out. Stainless steel is also a more hygienic option than other materials that is quite easy to keep clean.

A Garden Green Backsplash

Channel the warmth of nature in your all-white kitchen by utilizing a bold backsplash in a warm shade of green. The kitchen above combines natural wood with brass hardware and floral elements to create a warm, nature-inspired look.

Lighter shades of green tend to be warmer and more eye-catching than darker shades. When accompanied by lots of natural lighting, you can create a comfy kitchen reminiscent of the best parts of the great outdoors.

Bold Backsplash With Coastal Creativity

Photo Source: Coastal Living

Going for a coastal kitchen look is another fabulous way to incorporate a bold backsplash in your all-white kitchen. The key to creating a coastal look is to incorporate elements reminiscent of the ocean, such as bright blue or green backsplash tile. Tiles with visual effects such as subtle marbling or iridescence can create the illusion of waves or the sparkling of light reflecting on water. When creating a coastal kitchen, ample natural light is necessary.

A Subtle, Yet Bold Backsplash

Photo Source: Backsplash.com

If you prefer a more subtle, all-white kitchen, you can still achieve a bold backsplash look by playing with different shades of white and different materials. This mosaic backsplash utilizes both clear and reflective tiles to create a look that is quite literally eye-catching. When entering this kitchen, the light reflecting from the backsplash tiles will surely draw the eye’s attention, creating a white kitchen that is anything but boring.


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