Considerations to Make While Buying a New Kitchen Appliance

We realize that the influx of gadgetry into the kitchen cannot be limited. It is something natural as we adopt a more tech-savvy lifestyle. This evolution has been seen in the niche of kitchen appliances too with continuous breakthroughs in utility and smart technology. However, we believe that choosing kitchen appliances is much more than simplifying your kitchen chores. It is also about ensuring that new products harmonize with the existing kitchen setup. You should have a clear idea of your utility demands so that you don’t regret wasting your money on something that does not meet your expectations. To ensure you make this selection with a better, more well informed approach, we are sharing some useful tips:

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1. Identify Your Need: Understand with the Range Hood Example

As a homemaker, you should be clear about the functional benefits you expect from your new kitchen appliance. You should also make a decision about the varieties of tasks you want it to perform and its regularity of usage. For instance, Range Hoods make sense if you have a serious cooktop that needs a dedicated ventilation system. However, for a small family that does not cook much, investing in a big range hood that makes the kitchen space look saturated or overwhelms the kitchen with its humming is not a great proposition. Even within the niche of range hoods, when you are sure about its utility, you need to decide between canopy, fixed or slide-out type of range hoods. The fact remains that the kitchen supplies and accessories marketplace offers much more than what you really need. You can be easily caught in the maze of designs and fancy finishing. However, don’t lose your focus—if there are cupboards within the range hood, a hooded canopy will spoil the overall décor!

2. Be Honest with Space Constraints

You must consider the space that is available in your kitchen for placing new appliances. It is essential to chalk out the placement of the new appliance so that no issues crop up at a later stage, making it difficult for you to use the appliance properly. For example, consider microwaves that consume a lot of space no matter where you put them—on the counter, built in to cabinetry or above a cooktop. If you want your microwave to work twice as hard for you, consider a convection microwave that also works as a fast-speed oven, eliminating the need to purchase a double oven. To manage your kitchen space better, consider microwave drawers, which are handy and nestle easily among base cabinets.

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3. There is Much More to Efficiency Than You Think You Know!

Commercial kitchens will consume a massive amount of power.  This power is needed for the heavy-duty tasks that they perform around the clock. All appliances must reflect the highest possible efficiency to be a part of such an environment. However, commercial requirements are very different from your household needs. You need to draw a line and not get caught in the blur of specifications and achievements that each appliance talks about. For instance, consider a high-performing convection oven that circulates heat versus traditional bake/roast ovens used by bakers. The latter is not the most energy smart decision but it is very easy to work with and handles volumes rather well. However, this does not make sense for your kitchen since you are not likely to face regular baking tasks. For you, a slightly lower efficiency in terms of baking capacity and turnaround time but considerable energy savings should matter more!

4. Don’t Buy High Maintenance Appliances!

We believe that kitchens are often overburdened with supplies that need too much caring. You need appliances that can function without complaint even when subjected to neglectful handling. Try to invest in appliances that are low in terms of demanding regular cleaning or after-use care. Fridges are a classic example where people have started to buy digitally enhanced fridges rather than the conventional models. Just ensure that such an appliance does not eat into your energy bills or requires constant reminding to the children about smart but complex functions. Sometimes, progressive but easy to handle appliance set-ups, like side-by-side freezer drawers, are more accessible for the entire family, affordable and durable.

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5. Explore Ecologically Compatible Appliances

You might want to ensure that your credibility as an aware, socially responsible member of the society is not compromised by the type of appliance you buy. Investing in energy-sappers that can multiply your energy bills is a big error. Even if you get the guarantee of optimal performance, this is not worthy of a risk. Try to find energy-smart appliances. Common labeling in this niche includes EU energy labels. Also, enquire the dealer about the appliance’s power consumption traits. You might not find “perfectly green” kitchen appliances but you don’t want to buy something that threatens the ecology.

Last bit of advice: Getting Rid of Older Appliances

To make space for newer appliances, to make your kitchen look uncluttered and ensure ease of accessibility, try to retire appliances that no longer fulfill their purpose. This is easier said than done since we often get nostalgic about things that have been sitting on the shelves for years. You need to break through this perception to make your kitchen aesthetically and functionally better!

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