How To Create A Sleek Transitional Kitchen With White Kitchen Cabinets

You’re probably familiar with traditional and contemporary kitchen styles, but you may not know that there’s a design style that falls squarely between these two, offering you the best of both worlds. Transitional kitchen styles take the most striking aesthetic elements from more classic, traditional styles and newer, contemporary styles to create a look that is sleek and seamless, yet warm and homey all at the same time.

While transitional kitchens often show a preference towards natural wood cabinetry, they can also often be found using white kitchen cabinets. White cabinets offer a bright yet simple foundation for creating countless design variations in your kitchen. They’re also timelessly attractive, so no matter how you decorate around them, your kitchen is bound to look gorgeous.

Sleek, Streamlined White Kitchen Cabinets

Create your sleek transitional kitchen using our Ice White Shaker kitchen cabinets!

The contemporary element of your transitional kitchen will most likely be your kitchen cabinetry. While traditional kitchens tend to sport cabinets with raised center panels and more ornate designs, your transitional kitchen should feature sleek, streamlined cabinets with a recessed door panel, such as a Shaker design style. Shaker cabinets are an age-old American classic, but their design is simple enough for a more contemporary look.

The hardware used on your kitchen cabinets should be similarly subdued, creating a look with clean lines. Long, slim, tubular hardware is a very popular choice for matching with Shaker cabinetry.

Natural Materials With A Man-Made Touch

The combination of traditional and contemporary elements naturally leads to the pairing of organic, Earth-sourced materials such as natural stones and wood and newer man-made materials such as stainless steel or fabricated countertops. For example, a gorgeous stone countertop, hardwood flooring, and sleek stainless steel appliances and fixtures would combine perfectly to create a transitional kitchen.

White kitchen cabinets are super versatile, meaning they’ll pair well with just about anything. Natural materials such as granite and marble are quite often used to accompany white kitchen cabinets. When pairing with granite, lighter or more neutral shades are best for creating a more authentic, transitional look. Of course, marble is a great pairing due to its naturally white hue and complementary shades of gray.

Subdued Color Schemes With Textured Elements

Traditional and contemporary kitchen styles can both be found in a variety of color schemes, but transitional kitchens tend to steer clear of too much color. Neutral color schemes are a classic feature of transitional kitchens, and white kitchen cabinets offer the perfect backdrop for such a look.

With white kitchen cabinets, a neutral color palette will have hues of white, gray, silver, and possibly black. However, don’t be afraid to move away from this palette in favor of something a little more exciting. Just don’t overdo it; stick with shades that blend well together, without any striking bursts of color.

To make up for the lack of color and offer more visual interest, transitional kitchens usually feature more textured elements. Your walls, backsplash, and range backsplash all offer an opportunity to utilize more textured elements. From textured wallpapers to textured tiles, you can find design elements that not only look good, but also feel good to the touch.

Traditional Ornamentation

So far, it may seem like transitional kitchens tend to lean more towards the contemporary design style with its neutral color palettes and clean lines. However, adding more traditional accessories can help to really give your kitchen a more classic feel. Intricate elements such as corbels, decorative legs, appliques and crown moldings all have a place in transitional kitchen designs. They most certainly help to make the space look less boring, giving more vibrancy to a kitchen that is otherwise streamlined and simple.

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