Create A Gorgeous Contemporary Kitchen Using RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Photo Source: LEICHT New York via Houzz

Contemporary kitchen designs are hallmarks of cleanliness and style. If you’re looking for a space that looks fresh and current – something out of the pages of your favorite design magazine – then a contemporary kitchen style is just right for you.

Now, you may feel a bit intimidated by the idea of designing your own contemporary kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be at all complicated. As a matter of fact, you can use affordable, RTA kitchen cabinets and still create a space that oozes luxury. Here are some examples of kitchen design styles that you can easily recreate in your own space.

A Balanced Contemporary Kitchen Design

Photo Source: Risa Boyer Architecture via Houzz

The genius of contemporary kitchens is that while they tend to eschew gaudy and complicated design elements, they still embrace bold and unique style. The stark contrast between the dark Shaker cabinetry and the white countertop and walls create a necessary balance. This prevents the room from looking too dark or too bright. Stainless steel hardware and appliances act as sleek adornments while the quirky light fixture adds a bit of warmth and character to the space. The style is streamlined and simple, yet sophisticated all at once.

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Two-Tone Grey & White Contemporary Kitchen

Photo Source: Cornerstone Construction and Property Services via Houzz

Don’t you love those beautiful, two-toned kitchen designs that seem to come together seamlessly? It’s true that choosing the wrong cabinets can create a space that seems to clash. However, you can prevent this issue when designing your own kitchen space. White kitchen cabinets are the perfect foundation for a two-toned kitchen because they match with almost any other cabinet color that you pair them with.

Many kitchen designs pair white kitchen cabinets with black or dark brown cabinets creating a stark, visually striking contrast. However, subtle contrasts can be just as attractive when done well. This kitchen combines white with grey, which, when paired with the light-hued wood tones, creates a warm and welcoming space. Finding a color palette that works this well (and sticking to it!) is key. Add in some sleek, streamlined hardware, cutting-edge tech and dazzling light fixtures, and you’ve got yourself an enviable kitchen space.

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Contemporary With Character

Photo Source: Stoneshop via Houzz

Contemporary kitchens are harder to place into a box because contemporary style is current and dynamic – constantly changing. This allows it to seamlessly take on the personality of the designer and homeowner. You can choose a space that is ultra minimal with virtually no ornamentation whatsoever. You can also take contemporary elements and spice them up with your own personal flair.

There are countless ways to add splashes of personality to your contemporary kitchen design. The patterned backsplash tile in the kitchen space above stands out without being too intense. Unexpected design elements that tend to be mainstays in other kitchen styles, such as say, a farmhouse sink, can be surprisingly welcome in a contemporary kitchen space. Of course, beautiful, bold light fixtures are another great way to make a statement.

While you want to keep your certain things simple and streamlined (such as hardware, cabinet door style and countertop edge), there’s still room to play around. Your contemporary kitchen design can absolutely be beautiful without being boring!

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