How To Create The Perfect Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens possess a certain undeniable allure that has lasted the test of time. Even among newer, sleeker contemporary designs, an elegant traditional kitchen will boast an unmatched elegance that simply can’t be beat. While their luxurious aesthetic may seem expensive, traditional kitchens can be easily created while on a budget.

The key to creating the perfect traditional kitchen is to incorporate the classic design elements that make up the characteristic look. The right combination of a few key design elements can have even the most low-budget kitchen remodel looking quite elegant. The following kitchen designs are great examples of what a well-done traditional kitchen entails.

Two-Tone Traditional Kitchen

two tone traditional kitchen

Photo Source: Drury Designs

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You’ll often find traditional kitchens that boast a two-tone style, with kitchen cabinets in different colors, different shades of the same color, or different finishes. Aesthetically, this is a design element that creates a striking visual contrast, but it also gives the kitchen a look that seems to have been put together a different points over time.

The key to creating the perfect two-tone traditional kitchen is to have design elements that help to tie the two contrasting cabinet colors or finishes together. A gorgeous granite countertop is a popular mainstay in traditional kitchens that can easily play this role. The granite countertop in the above kitchen has a number of different shades of gray and brown which help to complement both the white and dark brown cabinets.

If you do choose to utilize two different color cabinets, be sure to choose a raised-panel door style over a flat-paneled one, as the detailing is more appropriate for traditional kitchen styles. The more intricate the details of the design, the better.

Monochrome Traditional Kitchen

monochrome traditional kitchen

Photo Source: Four Pencils

This monochrome traditional kitchen relies heavily on the natural warmth of the cream-colored cabinetry and the matching floor tiles, backsplash, and granite. As there are no contrasting shades, this traditional kitchen relies on other important details to give it its characteristic traditional look.

Granite countertops and stone floor tiles are classic traditional design elements that are particularly complementary to the unfinished wooden cabinetry. These cabinets possess a raised-panel design whose intricate details are matched by the curvy antique faucet and hardware. The large, deep antique farmhouse sink brings these elements together.

The intricate, curvy details extend upwards to the corbels and applique above the stove, as well as to the understated crown molding above the cabinets. These are affordable design elements that can be found as accessories in our line of stock cabinetry.

Earthy Traditional Kitchen

earthy traditional kitchen

Photo Source: HGTV

While all-white and mostly-white cabinets are common in traditional kitchens, cabinets of other varying shades can be easily combined to create the look you desire. This gorgeous traditional kitchen utilizes shades of green and brown that are reminiscent of nature, giving this room a warm, elemental feel.

These two varying shades of brown cabinetry form a breathtaking union thanks to the unique and luxurious green granite countertops, which possess shades of cream that perfectly match the floor and backsplash tiles.

Of course, in addition to the raised panel cabinetry and granite countertops, the intricate accessories that adorn this kitchen are what really give it its characteristic traditional feel. Curvy legs, corbels and luxurious hardware are all topped off by gigantic, stacked crown molding. The elegant chandelier that lights this kitchen is the proverbial icing on an undoubtedly gorgeous cake.

Smaller Traditional Kitchen

smaller traditional kitchen

Photo Source: Baytown Kitchen

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Despite what the magazines may have you think, you don’t need a grand kitchen space to create a luxurious traditional kitchen. This kitchen utilizes tiered countertops for designated prep and eating space, allowing for more efficient use of the countertop space. The peninsula does create somewhat of a wall that boxes the kitchen in, but it also provides for extra countertop and storage space.

Of course, the classic traditional design elements are also featured in this kitchen. From large corbels in the seating area to raised panel cabinetry to intricate glass door inserts to stacked crown molding, this kitchen is traditional through and through.

Rustic Traditional Kitchen

rustic traditional kitchen

Photo Source: Zillow

This traditional kitchen has a rustic feel created by the unfinished, natural design elements in the room. The unfinished wood cabinets are paired with two different kinds of exposed brick as well as wide-grain hardwood floor. The monochromatic color scheme takes this look to an entirely different level, with only the dark brown countertop for contrast.

The farmhouse sink, decorative legs, crown molding, and raised cabinetry all make an appearance here, as well as antique hardware and faucets. Tying the entire room together is an intricate wrought-iron chandelier, which makes a gorgeous stylistic statement that simply can’t be ignored.

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