How To Design Your Own Beach-Style Kitchen

Beach-style kitchens are the perfect way to bring the serenity of the beach right into your home. Characterized by light, airy hues, sea-like blues, and natural materials, beach-style kitchens are simple to design. The best part is that you don’t have to live on the coast to create a beach-style kitchen in your home; you simply have to have the right design elements.

Classic White & Ocean Blues

Photo Source: DECOIST

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White is the most common choice for kitchen cabinets in beach-style kitchens. In this kitchen, the white cabinetry provides the perfect backdrop for the contrasting grey-blue island cabinets and accents. The mosaic tile backsplash gives the illusion of ocean waves with various shades of iridescent blue.

Stone countertops, especially marble and engineered quartz with marble-like designs are a great option for beach-style kitchens. The wave-like natural veining on these countertops adds to the overall aesthetic. Natural woods reminiscent of driftwood are also a great element to incorporate. This kitchen above does so with subtlety with the addition of wooden chairs.

Plain glass cabinet doors add a bit of depth to the back wall while also creating a showcase for the blue stemware. You may prefer to add even more glass doors or opt for open shelving, especially if your kitchen is a smaller size.

Wide pendant lights are also a common feature in beach-style kitchens, especially those that are modeled after the lamps found on ships. There are a number of options available for beach-style pendant lights, from wide, white, bowl styles to metallic cage-like designs.

Naturally Beachy

Photo Source: Caleb Johnson Studio

Natural woods are a more prominent feature in this beach-style kitchen. Wide, wooden planks with visible grain are inspired by the wooden planks of ships and are a great choice for flooring. Wooden and butcher-block countertops are a great natural alternative to white stone countertops.

Warmly-toned and natural fabrics such as seagrass, jute, and rattan are the perfect choice for rugs, place-mats and chairs. The beige tones are a perfect complement to the off-white and blue-green cabinets.

Small Beach-Style Kitchen

Photo Source: Decoist

Beachy kitchen styles are not reserved for large kitchens. Even small kitchens and kitchenettes can be adorned in this style. This all-white tiny kitchen takes advantage of the brightening effect of the white tone, which catches and reflects the natural light like no other. The grey veining of the engineered quartz countertops and walls gives wave-like movement to the aesthetic of the entire room, creating a seamless flow with the view of the ocean from the wide windows. The blue glass vases lend the subtle essence of the sea to the room, completing the entire design.

Soft & Sandy

Photo Source: Decoist

You can’t have a beach without sand, and this beach-style kitchen does a marvelous job at pairing sandy hues with off-white countertops, a tan backsplash, and white cabinetry. Lightly-colored woods are preferable to darker tones when designing your beach-style kitchen. Incorporate tan, beige, and cream-like colors. You can still achieve a beach-style look even without the obvious sea-inspired blues and turquoise. This is a more subtle design choice, but it still imparts the calming serenity of a day at the beach.

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