Easy Tricks To Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Spending Big

A wholesome kitchen renovation always translates into spending big. It is also about time and such an important part of your house being rendered inaccessible for days. We present a smarter way to do things. Our goal is simple—to create the impact of a properly refurbished kitchen without the costs associated with a conventional kitchen-remodeling project. These tips will bring that feeling of newness to the kitchen and you won’t need to spend much. So, let’s get started…

Kitchen Backsplash

See how Old World Charm Enhance Kitchen’s Humble Layout

Going the Blacksplash Way but with a Twist

You don’t need to spend on an elaborate blacksplash. An easier approach is to use patterned tiles that can be easily assembled on a 12 inch x 12 inch mesh. We recommend using differently colored tiles for creating a point of visual interest with your backsplash. You can easily find decorative tiles that are perfect for this strategy. Play with the borders and asymmetrical arrangement of the tiles for a greater impact. Choose tiles with a lustrous, shiny surface. This gleam instantly adds to the overall appeal of your kitchen, working brilliantly towards giving the ambience that refurbished, new look.

Redoing Fittings, Albeit More Artistically

Pans and cutlery are common to most kitchens but they seldom play a role in making your kitchen looking more welcoming. We suggest spending small on rollout shelves or trays with bright, vibrant designs to create a bigger-than-expected impact. Search for more artsy organizers and hangers for suspending pots or pans. In fact, new kitchen design trends include the use of creative hooks that instantly uplift the entire décor. We recommend buying the recommended supplies in glistening metallic or ceramic finishing to add that feeling of freshness.

Repurpose the Old Stuff to Make the Kitchen Look New

Think of staging the kitchen area, reinventing it with bits of kitchen supplies that seem to have outlasted their purpose. For instance, glass jars, particularly the colored variety, can be used for potting small plants. Champagne bottles with colorful floors bring that outdoorsy feel into the interiors. This kind of repurposing has almost no cost but yields great results. The same can be done with weathered stools. Just replace the upholstery with bright, vibrantly colored prints to bring some energy into kitchen space. The most incredible bit about this zero-cost kitchen upgrade is that you don’t need any professional help, negligible supplies, and the results are immediately evident.

Dimmers in Oudoor Kitchen Setting

Dimmers Provide Customized Lighting

Ditch the Old Lightings

Elevate the charm of your kitchen’s interiors by infusing more radiance with the help of decorative kitchen lighting options. Lighting fixtures, from scones to track lighting, can be easily manipulated to accent and highlight the kitchen area to revamp the décor. You can try hanging lights for more focused lighting or under-cabinet lights to make the kitchen surfaces gleam like new. This is perhaps the easiest, most inexpensive way to make your kitchen look renovated. If you are ready to spend a bit more, opt for lighting fixtures in metallic finishing—stainless steel, brass or copper.

Rugs Can Be Exciting

Installing new flooring is not an easy task and can eat into your monthly budget. Just bring in a rug or mat to reinvent the look in an instant. It will add some contrast to the kitchen decors and will lend an improved look to the old setting. You can opt for a classic brown rug or something that complements the walls of the kitchen. After all, who wouldn’t relish the extra cushioning for the underfoot?

Bring in Something that Makes the Kitchen “Look” New

This might sound a bit farfetched but the fact is that the sheen of new appliances cannot be matched with even the most thoroughly cleaned surfaces. Here, you need to get a bit street-smart. Rather than buying new appliances, you can make the kitchen look more upscale by adding prettier but much, much cheaper alternatives like trims from baseboards or crown moldings. Similarly, installing new curtains around the kitchen window in brighter prints is a budgeted, smart choice. This is among the easiest DIY strategies to give your kitchen a newer look.

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Stylish Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Explore More with Glass

We have always preached using glass in kitchen cabinets. Here, we will talk more about exploring glass to create a more designer effect without spending much. Though not a downright cheap way to make your kitchen look upscale, it is still a budgeted choice. Even inserting plain glass into alternate kitchen cabinet door fronts helps to reflect more light, making the kitchen look bigger and brighter. If you manage to get the lighting angles right, play around with etched inserts or frosted glass, the entire kitchen gets a display-worthy presentation.

Conclusion: Don’t Spend Big, Get Creative and Find a Way Around

Yes, luxury kitchens have impressive hardware but you don’t need to overhaul the entire hardware ensemble to infuse new life into the kitchen décor. Merely replacing a few kitchen cabinet pulls or handles can do wonders. Similarly, replacing worn out knobs on appliances like dishwasher or burners can help to create the feeling of a renovated kitchen space.

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