For Space Savvy Homeowners: Creating Banquettes!

The meal-time jokes, the following laughter and the giggles shared along with scrumptious meals and the complementing wine in your banquette can turn any brunch, lunch or dinner into blissful moments with friends and family. A spaciously-designed banquet can make even a small space look bigger and can accommodate many people.

We recommend that before installing a banquette in a kitchen, you should analyze your utility and space needs, and then choose a nice place where the banquette can be created. With proper designing and tricks, it is possible to create a spacious banquette even in a small space.


Solution for Cramped Dining Spaces

Here are some ways to create a spacious banquette:

  • Create Room for More – Choose a spare wall and stretch your banquette by using every inch in such a way that the seating is maximized and the table is also accommodated perfectly. A long bench can be placed along the empty side of the table to create an organized look.
  • Symmetry Creates the Illusion of More Space – A pair of built-in benches along with a slender table to dine can create an elegant and airy look. An overhead light fixture will ensure complete visibility even at night.
  • Soak in the Benefits of Sunlight While Having Breakfast – A banquette that is surrounded by windows allows you to enjoy the blissful morning sunshine while having breakfast. Also, it adds to the hygiene of your feasting space.
  • Make Your Banquette a Multipurpose Space – Use the space near the window to form a banquette for your casual dining needs. Make this area more cozy and warm by throwing in some comfy pillows so that the window seating can be used for reading books too. You can try similar combinations to create a spacious banquette of your choice.
  • Try Blending Colors and Patterns –A mix of colors and patterns can also render an illusion of space to a small area. Elegant lighting can also be added to enhance the overall ambience.
  • Banquettes

    Space-Savvy Banquettes

    A Calming Coastal Look For an Airy Feel – Adding soft hues of green and blue to your banquette space will infuse a calm and soothing feel to it. Through this technique the space also tends to get a breathable ambience.

  • Follow A Space Savvy Trend – Use an eclectic blend of modish furniture items to add a trendy touch to your banquette. Sleek and slender furniture possesses the elegance of imparting an illusion of spaciousness.
  • Get Smart with the Space of Your Banquettes – Rather than placing a rectangular block table, try using a round-shaped sleek table in your banquette. This trick will surely add more space to the décor.
  • Empty Walls Are the Solution – An empty wall is the perfect location for a banquette. Place a simple L-shaped bench across an empty wall and a potentially awkward space instantly gets transformed into a spacious banquette!
  • Ditch the Formal Setting – A window seat full of cozy cushions will surely add to the delightful feeling of a morning breakfast! Thick white trims and heavy paneling can serve as the perfect contrast to soft-colored walls. Freestanding chairs will serve the purpose of providing extra seating.
  • Banquettes

    Banquettes for your Small-Space Kitchen

    The Cozy Corner – Utilize a cozy corner space for creating an  This banquette will become your favorite space for enjoying a hearty breakfast or a refreshing evening tea. Just throw in some soft cushions and pillows to add an inviting feel to this banquette. The huge view of a room from the perspective of a corner will give you the feeling of more space too.

  • The Play Of Patterns – A curved banquette can surely add a softer feel to any corner of your home. You can decorate this space with a gallery of small prints to lend it a cheerful update. Interesting usage of different patterns will enhance the look of a dull space and will add a spacious feeling to it.

With these tips and tricks, we are sure that you will be able to create a cozy yet spacious banquette where each meal will hold a special significance in your memory owing to its delightful feel. Having a customized banquette will also allow you to design your dining space in a unique way by adding your own personal touches to it!

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