Home Décor Trends That Emerged In 2015 and Likely to Sustain in 2016

As we leave behind 2015 and look forward to a promising 2016, there are certain things that we need to say goodbye to, including some home décor ideas that became outdated and boring with time. However, there were some glorious trends that emerged in 2015 and are likely to sustain in the coming year as well. We have brought together the most promising trends of the past year that have left a solid impression on our mind and will hold relevance in the upcoming year. So, before you choose to revamp your home read through this blog to find some unconventional and out-of-the-box home décor ideas.

Oversize Art To Revamp Your Walls

There was a time when we were in love with Gallery Walls as these provided an opportunity to unleash our hidden creativity. However, in 2015 a new trend of oversize art emerged and impressed people with its de-cluttered, neat appearance. Gallery walls were ‘in’ some time back but they seem to lose the battle with oversize art for people who like their interiors to be more streamlined. You can retain your favorite oversize painting or blowup photographs in 2016 to create a stunning effect for the walls.

Prep Your Bathroom with a Sleek Modern Tub

A freestanding tub in the bathroom definitely has a timeless appeal. What adds to this appeal is the contemporary aura of sleek, single-slab models of bathtubs. A few years back, decorators were emphasizing romantic claw-foot bathtubs, but in 2015 many people opted for the simpler versions of freestanding baths. For an ultra-modish feel, you can stick to these tubs in the coming year as well.

Opt for Matte in your Brassware Fittings

Be it the kitchen or your bathroom, matte finished brassware looked great in 2015 as it has a slightly urbane tinge to it. Stay loyal to matte brass handles, levers and other furnishings in your home for an updated look. Polished brass has an element of bling which appealed to our eyes some time back, but with the decors becoming more modish, matte finish is definitely the better alternative out of the two.

Shibori Print

Shibori Print for Enhancing Look and Feel of your Bathroom

Shibori for Your Bedroom

The artistic and ultra-stylish shibori prints entered the home décor world in 2015 and immediately captured the attention of interior designers. This tie-dye-esque print looks dapper on everything- from your pillows to rugs, curtains and bedspreads. The appeal is contemporary, making it a perfect choice for any modern day home.

Open Shelves for the Kitchen

Kitchens look great when they are spacious, properly organized and beautifully accessorized. Open shelves offer that extra kitchen storage so that you can stash your dishes properly. Keep some bright colored pans and containers in the open shelves to make the interiors more appealing aesthetically. You can flaunt your excellent taste in crockery by displaying them proudly in your open shelved kitchen.

Giant Terrariums for your Dining Room or Fireplace

The miniature indoor garden in a glass container is an ultra-stylish home décor accessory, perfect for the people who do not have a green thumb. While choosing one for your home in 2016, opt for a giant terrarium that instantly catches the eye. Not only will you get ample space to place a wide variety of plants in the container but a nice accessory to place atop your dining table or empty fireplace.

Add a Splash of Color in Chalkboard Paint

From interior designers to homemakers, everybody explored more & more surfaces to be covered in chalkboard paint. People tried to incorporate more colors, vivid and bright to add freshness to the home accessories. Black chalkboard paint was ditched in favor of refreshing hues in 2015 and this approach gets a go ahead from our side too for the year to come.

 Deer Modern Art Print

Trendy Deer Modern Art Print with a Peaceful Gaze

Animal Art for Trendy Interiors

Quirky animal portraits and unexpected animal print photos in a large frame adorned many walls in 2015. This eclectic way of filling up empty wall space got a thumbs-up from home décor experts as it was new, refreshing and slightly non-conformist. If you are thinking of opting for Faux Taxidermy then you can leave this idea behind in 2016 and rather choose Animal Art for your interiors.

Apart from the above mentioned ideas, split-leaf philodendron, accent trims and Marsala captured our attention as some of the winning home décor trends of previous years. If you wish to retain some things from the by gone year these ideas should definitely form part of your list!

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