How To Design Your Own Warm Contemporary Kitchen

The common contemporary kitchen has a reputation for being bright and sterile, sometimes even bland and boring. Though the minimalist takes on contemporary kitchens tend to steal the spotlight, warmer versions of the style can give an entirely different, yet still aesthetically relevant look.

Contemporary kitchens, after all, are the perfect combination of old and new. While many people tend to think that modern and contemporary designs are one and the same, they’re actually two different design styles. Contemporary kitchens borrow the stylistic and architectural design elements of the modern style, but they also adopt some of the traditional kitchen design style’s warmer, comforting elements.

If you love the contemporary look but you’re tired of always seeing the same old white shaker cabinets, you’ll appreciate these warm contemporary kitchens.

Warm Colors & Lighting

Photo Source: Home Stratosphere

When we speak of warm kitchens, it refers to the ambiance created by a certain combination of colors and lighting. Brown woods of various shades, reds, oranges, yellows and metallics such as gold, copper, and bronze are all characteristic of warm kitchens. Lighting that is more yellow than white is also referred to as warm.

The kitchen above features many shades of brown, from the wooden cabinetry and flooring to the wall paint, to the backsplash tiles and chairs. The visible wood grain, raised panel cabinetry and crown molding may cause this kitchen to look more traditional, but the lack of intricate detailing and accessories such as corbels makes this kitchen contemporary.

Strategically chosen recessed lighting, inner-cabinet, under-cabinet and pendant lighting help to brighten up what would be an otherwise dark room. However, the lights are distinctly yellow in hue, helping to maintain the warm contemporary look.

Balancing Cool & Warm Elements

Photo Source: Home Forge Remodeling

If you’d like more of a balance between cool and warm elements, this kitchen is an excellent example of accomplishing such a style. Dark, wooden cabinets and medium-brown flooring create a warm foundation in this contemporary kitchen, but shades of white in the countertop, designer pendant lights and chairs help to add more cooling elements to the room.

While the natural wood grain of the cabinetry is a nod to a more traditional style, the flat-paneled cabinet doors, large tubular pulls and stainless steel appliances modernize the look significantly, completing this subtle, warm contemporary look.

A Subtly Warm Contemporary Kitchen

Photo Source: Houzz

While this particular contemporary kitchen isn’t as warm as others, it isn’t fully “cool” either. The wooden cabinetry and flooring both have both light and dark shades of brown. Cream-colored backsplash tiles, warm lighting and orange accessories help to warm up the look a bit more.

Natural lighting and stainless steel appliances and hardware are the “cool” elements which make this room seem less warm than it actually is. Without these elements, the ambiance would take on a much warmer feel.

Perfectly Warm Contemporary Kitchen

Various shades of brown in the cabinetry, backsplash and countertop help to lay the foundation for this warm contemporary look. While the visible wood grain of the cabinetry and small crown molding lend a traditional look to this kitchen, the rest of the design’s inspiration is decidedly modern.

The modern inspiration is most obvious in the straight, clean lines that are prevalent in the room. Shaker cabinets, a variety of rectangular backsplash tiles and long, tubular hardware all give this room its gorgeous modern look. A brilliant mixture of natural lighting, modern pendant lights and under-cabinet lighting help to complete the ambiance of this warm contemporary kitchen.

Rustic Contemporary Kitchen

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While at first glance this may look like a traditional rustic kitchen, a closer look shows that it’s more contemporary than it comes off. The wooden cabinetry, floor, and countertops give this kitchen a characteristic rustic flair, but the small contemporary details bring this kitchen firmly into the 21st century.

Stainless steel appliances and hardware as well as a contemporary long neck pull-out stainless steel faucet do a great job at offsetting the monotonous, wooden rustic look of the kitchen. Long, unadorned pendant lights as well as simple recessed lighting also help to accomplish the warm contemporary look.


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