Ideas for Bringing A Vintage Aura to Your Kitchen

Nowadays as the concept of tailor-made kitchens is increasing at a remarkable pace, most modular kitchens exhibit the same type of décor and setting. It won’t be surprising if you feel the urge to create something unique and lend a relaxed ambiance to your kitchen space. The memories of your mother’s or grandma’s kitchen is always filled with cherishable flashes when you think about the smell of homemade pies, feel the wooden shelves and recall the intricately-designed lamps and light fixtures. One of the most perfect ways to revive that feeling is to add a vintage aura to your kitchen.

Another significance of having a vintage kitchen is that it would look more lavish, spacious and of course provide a cozy feel. Such an ambience will surely stir up the feel of old days. Here are 12 tried and tested tips for adding vintage aura to your kitchen:

  • Get a Screened Pantry Door – The simplest change that you can bring to your kitchen to get a vintage feel is to replace the solid pantry door with a screened version. You will be surprise to see the difference this small change can bring to your décor.
  • Install Some Period Lighting and Give Attention to Details – Use of retro lighting and classic hardware in your kitchen can make a big difference to the whole space. Tracking down lighting and cabinet pulls that were popular in previous decades can prove to be a great idea too.
  • The Stylish Refurbished Vintage Stage – Many chefs say that ancient stoves were more powerful than their contemporary counterparts. Kitchenware companies are refurbishing them so that you can own a vintage item that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ranks high in terms of utility.
  • Vintage Style Appliances

    Rustic kitchen Decor

    Invest In Retro Style Appliances – Another option that does not demand extensive renovation to bring a vintage feel is the use of vintage-style appliances. There are some companies which specialize in manufacturing vintage style refrigerators, stoves, and similar items.

  • Bead Board is a Nice Choice – If your kitchen offers the elegance of a vintage farmhouse or cottage-style setting, then beaded board can instantly add charm to it. With your creativity you can either use it as a backsplash, on an island or on the entire wall. A bead board can add a fresh touch of life to even the blankest spaces of your kitchen.
  • A Farmhouse Sink Will Fit Well – A farmhouse sink made of fireclay or porcelain goes well with any type of kitchen setting and adds an old-world charm to it with its classic elegance.
  • The Pie Safe Cabinet – A wooden cabinet fitted with screen or punched-tin fronts can be placed in your kitchen to maintain a breathable ambience. Such cabinets can also be utilized for stacking dishes or pantry goods.
  • Spread The Aura With Vintage Linens – Vintage style linens always come handy in a classic kitchen style. You can either use them as a skirt for a sink, for wiping up spills or for drying the dishes.
  • A Plate Rack Is Essential – A vintage style plate rack acts as both a decorative piece and a utility space. You can display your best dishes in this rack. A dish rack ensures easy accessibility of plates from the table too.
  • Put A Thought To Diner Style Counters And Floors – Affordable and hard-wearing, laminated counters with curvy aluminum edging were a staple in 1950s. You can install them in your kitchen to get the same feel of that era.
  • Fiesta Ware is What You Need – Add a touch of vibrancy to your kitchen with Fiesta dishware. They look cheerful and bright behind the doors of glass-front cabinets and when lined up on open shelves. Fiesta reached the zenith of popularity during the mid century and is still being produced today.
  • jadeite Dishes

    Enjoy Tea with You Friends in Jadeite Dishes

    Jadeite Dishes Are The Cherry on Top – The calming Milky green jadeite glass, which is considered a collectible was used as a reasonably priced and hard-working utensil of the kitchen during the 1930s and 1940s. The mesmerizing hue and sturdy construction of these pieces make Jadeite a perfect addition to a vintage style kitchen.

Before preparing your kitchen for a transformation in the vintage style, you must first ascertain whether your kitchen is the right candidate for such a look or not. A cottage, farmhouse, or any home built from the 1920s to the 1950s will be more suitable for housing a vintage style kitchen than the compact contemporary versions. But, with some effort adding vintage elegance to any kitchen décor is possible!

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