Kitchen Design Concepts You Should Dump  

The scientifically inclined folks might refer to the kitchen as the “nucleus” of any household. For the lesser enlightened, this means that the kitchen is perhaps the most frequented area of the house, at the heart of conversations, where families and friends converge. This is why kitchen design trends are in a state of constant evolution, changing every season, enthralling and confusing us. As kitchen décor connoisseurs, following these trends and identifying the best and the misfits comes naturally to us and this time, we are putting the focus on concepts that spell doom for your kitchen.

Why are we doing this?

We understand that you are constantly trying to keep up a fresh and lively looking kitchen and there is lots of easily available information online. However, there is a lurking danger—recommendations from folks who know too little and preach too much. Undertaking large-scale changes to realize that you have done your kitchen more damage than good can be a nightmare. To save you from such situations, we are sticking our neck out to identify trends that are better forgotten. We argue some of the most common pieces of kitchen wisdom, with logic, to help you uncover the truth:

  • Dark Brown Wood Finishes are History

For starters, this finish tends to give a very sober look, almost aged from the first day. The luster of any finishing will diminish with time. Within a short period, the grave looking hues start exuding a serious vibe that contradicts the happy aura every kitchen should have. Choosing this finish for your living room might make sense but doing this to every part of the kitchen is not something we recommend. Again, the dark color tends to make the kitchen space look smaller and suffocating. Deeper wood finishes are now making way for lighter and clearer aesthetics. It is time you adopted lighter shades to ensure that liveliness is created and sustained. With wood having a lighter finish, the ambiance retains its rustic, wooden charm without making the space look too intense. You want that warm and cozy feeling from wooden interiors in the kitchen and not darken the surfaces to the extent of rendering a style that is uninviting.

  • Kitchen decor

    Overwhelming Tone Not Good for Soothing Look

    All Bright Bold Cabinet Colors are not a Visual Delight

This might get confusing for you. First, we told you to stay away from extremely dark wooden finishing and now, we are advocating not going down the ultra-bright road too. You might get the impression that color choices for kitchen cabinets have been drastically reduced. This is not the case. The idea is to walk the safer, mid-path, not sticking to either extreme. Over the last few years, we saw the arrival of bold colors in the kitchen and we adore this. However, not all shades are meant for the kitchen. Some shades just don’t gel into the eating space. For instance, metallic golden shades tend to induce a restaurant-like aura. Similarly, shades of turquoise seem more relevant for the bathroom— they don’t carry that kitchen-like presence. Other must-avoid colors include Pancake Batter Yellows, Kelly Green, and Crayola Purple.

The kitchen supplies and accessories marketplace can be really misleading. Take the case of retro-styled appliances that have unconsciously induced wrong impressions. 60s-styled appliances have found favor with kitchen designers across the US but it seems that people are confusing retro with anything that is aged or beyond its expiry date.  Please understand that there is a huge difference between classical electrical fitting and lighting fixtures that look worn down, gasping for breath. The difference is very palpable and there should be no room for confusion. Those huge rectangular lighting fixtures and florescent tubes no longer belong to a contemporary kitchen. Even if you adopt a country-style kitchen décor, get rid of such aging lighting fixtures. True classics are lighting fixtures in bronze and copper finishing. We recommend the latest approach in this niche—adopt a combination of utility and ambient lighting, especially dimmers!

  • Tiles

    Poor Grout-Heavy Tiles

    Grout-Heavy 4.5 x 4.5 Tiles

There is nothing too fashionable or pleasingly reminiscent about grout-heavy tiles. It just makes the surfaces look untidy. Unless you are a stickler for wiping away every drop spilled in your kitchen, chances are that these grout lines with age rather badly, engaging grime and getting easily discolored. These versions of tiles have long been retired. Installing larger tiles or slabs is the more modern, sensible approach. Opt for seamless tiles where grouting is nearly invisible.

We have listed just a handful of kitchen design trends that we believe no longer make sense for contemporary kitchens but there might be many more mistakes that homeowners commit when resurfacing or renovating their kitchens. Please share your observations…

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