Kitchen Space Management: 5 Things Most Homeowners Don’t Do

Homemakers often underestimate the importance of smart and effective implementation of ideas that can save their time and present a neat looking and organized kitchen. Effective management of kitchen can do wonders by lending an impressive and well-managed ambiance to your home. Just like any other place of your house, efficiency and organization holds great significance when it comes to maximizing utility of a kitchen space. We are here to discuss some simple changes that most homeowners forget to do regardless of the fact that they are impressive enough to simplify their kitchen chores. You will be surprised to see that they will channel your time for other tasks to ensure smooth working.

tray dividers

Tray dividers—Practical Solution for Storing Baking Sheets, Serving Dishes

1. Think Beyond Conventional Shelving: Pull-Outs & Seatings

Homeowners often forget to try pull out shelving and opt for the conventional designs. It’s not necessary to fill every available space in the kitchen with the cabinets. Quality cabinetry is a crucial thing, but innovative versions that need to be pulled out only when they are needed is a good alternative. Items with pull-out designs are tailor-made to manage the space crunch in your kitchen. Kitchens with seating are also gaining popularity as they make serving easy and also make room for spending gala time with family. You can go for swivel stools with a pull-out design as they add additional seating without taking unnecessary floor space. You can also exhibit your pans and pots on the ceiling wall with the help of some hooks!

2. Don’t Rubbish Aging Kitchen Items: Reuse & Recycle

“Old is gold”, it’s time to understand the practicality of this famous saying, that too in reference to your kitchen. Take out some unused containers of kitchen supplies and storage boxes which are not in use anymore as its time to put them into use! Container system can do wonders if you wish to provide a clean and tidy look to your kitchen with efficient kitchen management. Also, it will allow you to sort kitchen supplies such as spices, regular cereals, and seasonings by arranging them neatly. You can use you creativity by sorting storage boxes and containers on the basis of color or shape to store different kitchen supplies.

Spacious Kitchen counter top

See How Some Simple Fundamentals Make your Kitchen More Spacious

3. Extract More Utility from Your Countertop(s)

Countertop management can help you free an amazing amount of useful space in the kitchen—a fact that everyone, from your neighborhood baker to Martha Stewart will vouch for. You need to remove all the unnecessary items that are not used frequently. Instead accommodate the items that are needed on a daily basis, like spices or coffeemaker on the countertop. Let your countertop do some extra duty by offering a larger space for food preparation. It can also fulfill the duty of bringing essential things within your reach in order to save your precious time. Often, people end up overcrowding the countertop because they cannot recall what they had placed in the kitchen cabinets. Eventually, they dig up everything from the overhead cabinets, spreading a lot on the countertop. The solution lies in using the inner side of the kitchen cabinet doors. You can use a chalk or some sort of marker to create a finder’s guide here. Similarly, you can opt for etched, clear jars where every type of item can be easily identified.

  • Don’t put knife stands on the countertop. Instead, use a wall-mounted knife hanger.
  • For common kitchen furniture like stools, opt for models with inbuilt storage features.
  • Use tray dividers to create more space on top of an existing layer of arranged glasses.
  • What can be suspended or hung on the walls shouldn’t be forced on the countertops.

4. Don’t Ignore Nooks Corners and Doors: These are Surprisingly Industrious

We often feel that people miss the smaller picture when managing their kitchen. Whether you have a compact apartment kitchen or a bigger spread in a farmhouse, the fact is that every nook and corner can be transformed into a useful countertop-like space. Installing small shelves in such spaces means you have additional areas for pre-cooking tasks or basics like chopping. You can also use it for keeping things like knife-stands, bottle openers, and cutlery. Think of this like a smaller, but equally useful pantry. The other approach is to use these spaces for stocking the lesser used utilities. Also, try to look for small spaces that usually escape our attention. For instance, back of the kitchen door can be an astoundingly handy place for keeping everyday kitchen essentials.

5. Try Containers and Trays to Tame that Clutter

We don’t mind repeating ourselves here—clutter is at the core of what goes wrong with most kitchens. People seem to forget that the kitchen cannot afford to look messy in the most minimal way. There is something about scattered plates around the sink that makes the entire home look repulsive. Equally importantly, clutter also eats into precious space. Continuing with our example of sinks, the area around the sink can be very handy if you are ready to spend a few minutes to manage it. Don’t let it be overwhelmed with bottles of soaps and detergents. If possible, install a small, single shelf above the tap area where these cleaning utilities can be gathered. We feel baskets and containers are under-used in most kitchens. Invest in durable, aesthetic baskets where you can stack all the small containers. This also gives you the satisfaction of knowing exactly where to look for your utilities.

Concluding Thoughts

Please think of kitchen management as a process. It takes time, patience and practice. You cannot undo old habits in a single day. Give it at least three weeks with a weekly check on your progress. You will be surprised at how a seemingly small kitchen can accommodate a lot more by following these simple tips…

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