7 Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas To Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level

If you’re looking for kitchen wallpaper ideas, you probably have a few questions and concerns. You may wonder, “will it look good with my cabinets?”, or “what if the wallpaper looks old and gaudy?”, or “maybe I should keep it simple and just go with paint instead.” For many homeowners these days, wallpaper doesn’t have the best reputation. ‘Old and gaudy’ is what tends to come to mind. Many people don’t want any wallpaper in their homes at all much less in their kitchens.

But maybe this is a misconception. Contemporary designers are giving new life to an old favorite, completely transforming spaces with luxurious wallpaper designs. Before making a decision, learn a little bit more about wallpaper and how it may actually be exactly what your kitchen needs. Then check out the gorgeous kitchen wallpaper ideas that follow.

A Brief History of Wallpaper

Originating in the 16th century, the use of wallpaper has evolved and fallen in and out of favor with home and commercial decorators alike. According to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, wallpaper was initially used mainly to line the insides of cabinets in the homes of merchants. Over time, however, wallpaper designs became more sophisticated, with artistic motifs that exuded a certain level of artistic luxury. This newfound allure made wallpaper a staple in the homes of the wealthy.

By the 19th century, mass production meant that wallpaper was accessible to pretty much anyone who desired it. Wallpaper could be found lining the homes of aristocracy just as commonly as it could be found in the homes of commoners and the walls of businesses. The seemingly endless variety of designs and textures meant that there was a wallpaper for every purpose.

In the 20th century, wallpaper was pretty much everywhere. So much so that it started to fall out of favor with homeowners who wanted something a little more unique. Designers began choosing interesting paint colors and opting for backsplash tiles instead of wallpaper. By the late 20th century, people began to consider wallpaper to be a tacky relic of the past, and most certainly not a feature of contemporary, high-end kitchens.

The Resurgence of Kitchen Wallpaper

As with many other design concepts people once considered to be old and unattractive, wallpaper is making its comeback – particularly in kitchens. The variety of designs and motifs available have continued to evolve, with new spins on old classics as well as designs inspired by modern and contemporary artistic movements.

Wallpaper has once again become a statement piece, lending a touch of luxury (or whimsy!) to everyday kitchen designs. These aren’t your grandma’s wallpapers. There are a wide variety of attractive designs and patterns available out there. If you’re unsure of whether wallpaper will be the right fit for your kitchen, you may benefit from some design inspiration. Here are 7 kitchen wallpaper ideas to help you find the wallpaper that’s right for you.

7 Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

Traditional Luxe Accents

Adding a gorgeous wallpaper to an accent wall is the perfect way to add the pop of color and excitement that your kitchen may need. All-white kitchens are always beautiful, but sometimes they need an element that will provide some contrast and enhance the character of the room.

The sophisticated motif and simple color palette of this wallpaper make it the perfect complement to this traditional kitchen design. This particular lozenge pattern, or diamond pattern, is featured in countless artistic traditions across the globe. An almost endless number of variations on the lozenge pattern can be found on the market. The intricate curlicues of this wallpaper’s lozenge pattern gives this traditional kitchen a particularly elegant look.

Classically Regal

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This take on the lozenge pattern also gives an opulent character to this kitchen. The elaborate swirls complement the curves of the traditional light and water fixtures. Its brown and white color palette also blends seamlessly with the granite countertop. While a simple white subway tile backsplash would also work well in this kitchen, the wallpaper choice gives the entire kitchen design an even more elevated look.

Colorful & Quirky

If you love colorful and quirky spaces, wallpapers allow you to turn any wall into a piece of art. The wide variety of designs available means that there’s something to fit any space and any personality. This kitchen, for example, is simple and modern in style. The abstract wallpaper with its sharp geometric shapes and pastel hues is the perfect piece of modern art to give life to this otherwise plain kitchen space.

Classic Cohesion

While an interesting wallpaper design is great for decorating an accent wall, it can also work well when installed around the entire room. The key is choosing a wallpaper design that’s intriguing and attractive without being too bold and brash. Though a colorful, abstract wallpaper was perfect for the previous single-wall kitchen, this larger kitchen requires something simpler.

The warm, golden yellow tone complements both the dark brown and off-white cabinets individually. The shape of its simple pattern is complementary to the light fixtures and other traditional accents. When choosing your wallpaper, it’s important to find one that helps to create a cohesive picture. It should blend seamlessly into the color palette, and its pattern(s) should be reflected by other design elements in the room.

Almost All-White

If you’re still feeling apprehensive, then this may be your favorite of all the kitchen wallpaper ideas. This all-white kitchen uses a wallpaper on the accent wall that is almost all-white itself. The subtle white-on-gray design is simple and seamless, adding the perfect hint of artistry without being overwhelming. The understated touch of luxury is exactly what this classic all-white kitchen needs.

Abstract Contemporary

If you aren’t afraid of making a statement with a bold, unique wallpaper design, then your all-white kitchen is the perfect foundation. This wallpaper boasts abstract shapes and a number of tan hues, basically the complete opposite of the all-white flat-paneled kitchen design that lays on top of it. This kind of design style is perfect for contemporary kitchens as their clean lines and innate simplicity allow the wallpaper design to shine.

This kitchen is also a great reminder that wallpaper isn’t just for walls. Lining the kitchen island seating area with the same wallpaper is an excellent way to create a continuous, cohesive design while also making use of any extra wallpaper that you may have lying around. You can also use extra wallpaper for the inside of a glass door cabinet or as a ceiling treatment for an inset area.

Classic Metallic

Speaking of allowing a wallpaper design to shine, there are elements beyond color and pattern that may interest you when purchasing a wallpaper for your kitchen. If you’re interested in creating a really luxe space, then wallpaper with a metallic design adds a lustrous, shiny element that can complement your fixtures, hardware, and chandeliers at the same time. Just be careful that it doesn’t cause the space to look gaudy. If you’re looking for something more subtle, there are also textured wallpapers that can add another dimension of style to your kitchen space.

Choose The Wallpaper That’s Right For You

When it comes to choosing wallpaper for your kitchen, the key is finding a design that complements or enhances the overall space. Look to the color palette, materials, shapes, and textures in your space and choose something that will blend in well. Seek balance, but don’t be afraid to express yourself and have fun. Hopefully these kitchen wallpaper ideas are exactly the inspiration you need.

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