Porch Essentials…What Are You Missing?

A spruced up porch that has been designed with exclusive furniture is amazingly interesting, unique and even capable of lifting up your mood in a fraction of a second! Spice up your boring backyard or front area by turning it into an amazing porch! If you are planning to redesign or revamp your porch then read on for what you can and must incorporate into your porch. If you have been mulling over the ideas that can make your porch more exciting then start by working on its ambiance! A porch that is well lit, well furnished, and well embellished, will definitely turn your evenings on the porch memorable!

Nothing is Predefined… Play with Porch Furniture

You can opt for interesting and comfortable furniture. Go for comfortable couches, or for simple and sweet wooden furniture for the most special area of your house. In order to make the area extraordinary you must not compromise comfort! Comfy seating will let your guests relax and appreciate this blissful new world of yours! If you wish to make the area more adventurous then go for porch swings as they can infuse life into the dull air. The only rule in designing a porch is that there is no rule, so go by your creative instinct and select the furniture you find fascinating and apt for your porch!

  • Antique furniture or simply a wooden bench will look perfect with wooden flooring
  • Modern couches, chairs, or an interesting rocking chair will add liveliness to the area
  • Opt for quality furniture as low-quality furniture may be uncomfortable, which would ruin the ambiance of the space.
Porch flooring

Wooden Flooring to Create a Strong Focal Point

The Porch is Your Canvas… Explore a Theme!

You can pick any porch décor theme that suits your interests and passion. You can make the porch area lively and playful for your kids, romantic for you and your spouse, or sophisticated with embellishments and furniture of your choice. If you want your porch area to stand apart from ordinary and boring porches then experiment with porch walls or porch flooring to achieve the desired look. Defining the porch with a theme or in a way that reflects your personal style in every minute detail will really make the area look exclusive!

  • Opt for a light color scheme for fabrics for summers and dark colors for winters.
  • Select accessories wisely and remember the ground rule: less is perfect!
  • The accessories should also be in tune with the porch theme.

Porch Customization, Even Porches Need Embellishments

You can accessorize the space with plants, hanging pots and art pieces. Do not over decorate the area with accessories otherwise the porch will lose its charm and turn into an art gallery! Plants are a good option to go for and you can even choose interesting linen, pillows and more for that perfect porch. Select accessories keeping in mind the overall aesthetics, including the area around the porch and design. A good option is opting for a vibrant or out of the box color scheme! In short, indulge your creativity and give your porch a unique design.

  • Go for art pieces and antiques.
  • Let the place breathe- do not overdo it with lots of accessories.
porch lighting

Subtle Look for your Covered Porch

Ever Thought About Porch Lighting?…

What can be more amazing than a pleasant porch area for that special evening dinner with your special someone? Opt for a lighting theme that can create a more passionate and exotic environment. A soft lighting scheme will add warmth in the air. Vintage lanterns and chandeliers will make the space scintillating and dazzling. Illuminate the porch area with the finest lights and half the battle is won!

  • Opt for a soft lighting scheme
  • Avoid harsh lights as they will ruin the ambiance

A well designed and sophisticated accessorized porch area will have an aura of its own which will surround you in absolute serenity and peace. Revamp your living area and enjoy the weather on a porch that is just magical. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your creativity. After all, it’s your porch and it must reflect your style. Incorporate your interests in porch designing, fuse them with elegance and relax in your perfect personal porch.

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