Retold for Easier Understanding: Top Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2015

You have a million reasons for rethinking your kitchen countertop. Whether it is a part of home refurbishing plans or giving your kitchen a grand makeover with the upcoming Holiday Season, chances are that you will peep into what is making waves in the world of kitchen countertops. Being kitchen design specialists, we are always on the lookout for countertop designs that promise functionality and aesthetics and 2015 has been no different. Please understand that the idea here is not to patronize a particular kind of countertop. We intend to share countertop choices that have been preferred by homeowners across the nation. Intentionally, we have curated the list from a cost perspective also. We understand that countertop renovations are not easy on the pocket. Also, you might find a few instances of kitchen countertop ideas that we hinted in our blog during the early part of the year. At that time, these trends were merely emerging. Now, they occupy the position of a popularly pursued option.

Quartz Countertop

Quartz Countertop

1. Return of Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are on the comeback trail. With many homeowners opting for natural stone countertops and others opting for the much cheaper laminated options, quartz had lost is appeal. However, the glory days are back for this very smart natural stone option. For starters, quartz countertops are not as expensive as their more popular colleagues like granite slabs. They are easier to install. Many kitchen designers put the spotlight on quartz countertops, calling them the “Linen” of the kitchen industry. This refers to the organic appeal of quartz and its dullish, subtle shades. This is the best choice if your preference is for neutral shades that gel with any type of kitchen décor. The Linen comparisons also stem from the array of beige-grayish hues you are likely to find in quartz countertops. Here, the spotlight is on restrained colors that work very well with sleek kitchen designs—a reason why quartz countertops are now becoming synonymous with contemporarily designed kitchens. You also get the benefits associated with typical natural stone surfaces. This includes resistance to moisture, heat and household chemicals.

2. Answering the Call of Nature

When 2015 began, many people had predicted that wooden countertops will rule the kitchen supplies marketplace and largely this has happened. Woody countertops have often not appealed to those very careful about their impact on the environment. As a result, wooden countertops, despite their unmatched appeal presented an ethical challenge to many families. Now, people are exploring options of resourcing wooden countertops in a manner that reduces their footprints on the environment. This means a greater demand for reclaimed wooden countertops. Combined with basic finishing, reclaimed wood countertops surface as the most budgeted option that makes sense for nearly every type of décor.

Marble Countertop

Classic Kitchen Decor Emphasized with Marble Countertop

3. More Inviting Textures

Kitchens come with the busiest surfaces in a household, so it is strange that textures in this space are rarely written about. Whenever kitchen designing is discussed, the spotlight is seldom drawn towards the tactile nature of kitchen surfaces. 2015 has seen this mental block being overcome with a greater demand for kitchen countertops in honed finishing. The impact has been seen among engineered stones too where homeowners are increasingly opting for layered, more patterned surfaces—increasingly becoming a telltale sign of a progressively designed kitchen. This is also an aesthetical correction as modern kitchens had become a bit too predictable with nearly negligible ornamentation. With various types of stone and wooden surfaces and different planes of countertops combined with smartly installed lights, the kitchen can look a lot better.

4. Industrial, Metal Designs Take Precedence

This rising trend started midway in 2015 and is bound to capture more attention as the next season dawns upon us—industrial kitchens. Here, countertops are dominated by very durable materials that come sans decorative elements. Granite and metal can co-exist beautifully for this equation to work. Stainless steel is inarguably a more commercial kitchen countertop choice and often, it has been described as being too plain. Combining it with natural stone gives it that styling edge. This industrialization of kitchen countertops is bound to rise as time-starved families look for easy to maintain, spill-proof, non-porous countertops that present negligible risk of bacterial growth or other hygiene-related issues.

5. Picking Sides—Classical Black & White or Bold Colored Elements

Black & White kitchen themes remain a classic choice but their popularity seems to undergo a change every season. 2015 witnessed this trend make a comeback of sorts in a different way. Rather than using the backsplash or colored kitchen cabinets to make this design work, homeowners have been playing a bigger landscape. This means kitchen peninsulas in black laminate or granite countertops, surrounded by pristine white stools. We are calling this re-inventing the sophistication associated with black and white kitchen décors.

 The exact opposite of this then is making a bold color splash in your existing countertop. This is about creating a dramatic effect without much overhaul of the existing design. For instance, neutral colored countertops can be color contrasted with sink in eyeball-grabbing maroon color. A colorful sink is not less functional than the usual, metal or white variety but in its color avatar, it adds to the dynamics of the countertop area.

Apart from the above trending options you might also want to try laminated countertops that are budget friendly options for a countertop revamp. If you opt for a touch of backsplash, it will guarantee a modern and western feel to the kitchen. So, go for remodeling your kitchen countertop by choosing from some of the latest trending options of the season shared above. Experience a super stylish kitchen to impress the guests arriving at your home with your brand new kitchen décor.

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