Solved! What Goes Into Creating Gorgeous Eat-In Kitchens!

We love eat-in kitchens. Don’t we? Lovely light fixtures, breakfast nooks, a colorful application of tiles and marbles and most importantly, an inviting place to cook, converse and relax. The kitchen is truly the heart of your home! And especially a gorgeous eat-in kitchen that offers the joy of spending more quality time with your family, wherein the eaters can socialize with the cook without getting distanced.

For those who are still wondering what a conventional eat-in kitchen is – it is basically a kitchen that can accommodate diners. Ranging from a large kitchen space to accommodate formal table and chair setup, it can also consist of a small place with a few stools and counter.

The trend of a formal and separate dining room has not been in vogue for  the past few years, as the idea of eating in the kitchen has interested the people. If you are looking forward to create a gorgeous eat-in kitchen – you’ll find not only practical ideas here, but also loads of inspirational concepts to redesign your kitchen space.


Simple and Sophisticated Eat-in-kitchen

A Banquette Is Always Desirable!

A banquette adds plenty of sitting space and takes less floor space if compared with the stand-alone table and chairs. You can match the fabric of the leather tops with the shades of kitchen walls, or for that matter even with the shades of tiles/marble. For a more welcoming ambience, you can always use some colorful pillows and update the kitchen’s decor.

Space for All

For small families, pairing up a bench with single chairs can create a cozy setting. If you have the luxury of large space, chairs with arms and backs will make a comfortable option for dinners to linger. For an additional eating area in the kitchen, a dining table perpendicular to the kitchen island can be accommodated.

Utilize the Corner Space with Kitchen Nooks

Find a cute and functional banquette to fit in the empty corners to make more space for unexpected arrival of guests.

Natural Light through Large Windows

To eliminate the chances of suffocation in a small space, you can install big windows around the banquette. This will not just bring in fresh air, but will also fill the room with natural light.

Kitchen Decor

Contemporary Eat-in-kitchen

Using Chimneys and Exhaust Fans

You wouldn’t like to fill the living space with strong odors of garlic, fish, or any. A smart step would be to ensure installation of exhaust fans to remove any smell, or vapors from the kitchen while cooking.

Double Duty Pillows

You can jazz up a kitchen’s color theme by adding some colorful pillows. Here, a bright red cushion-padded bench can pop against the otherwise muted color scheme. It will add character to the living space and also elevate the comfort quotient by lending some softness to the hard wooden stools.

An Interesting Twist

For a lively and cheerful breakfast nook, you can blend vibrant fabrics, metals, wood textures, and especially bright-colored pillows. Also, you can infuse an element of fun by integrating some unconventional gadgets and games to the design scheme. Depending upon the eat-in kitchen’s structure and area, you can add a book shelf, some interesting games like chess, a television screen, or even a flower vase.

Eating Bar

A must-have Decor Setup for every Kitchen

The Color Fun

Lighter shades of white, blue, beige and more can lend an edge of sophistication, whereas, contrasting themes of white and turquoise can be elegant. The use of red and white can help to introduce a trendy vibe. The decision of color theme holds great significance as it works well in adding an eclectic look to the kitchen. You can also use a plush rug or a fancy lamp to enhance the vibrancy of your decor.

By infusing the above ideas, you can achieve the target of creating a gorgeous eat-in kitchen. The best part is – you don’t have to ferry around with food from kitchen to table, increasing the chances of accidental spills and cold food. The table can also be used to prepare food when people are not eating. Especially in large homes, you can enjoy the luxury of both independent dining rooms and eat-in-kitchens.

Summary: The concept of eat-in kitchens includes a space for diners, which not only saves space, but also acts as an ideal way to build relationships among family that lasts forever. For a warm and welcoming vibe, you can infuse more colors and textures to your eat-in kitchens.

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