Trending Kitchen Designs in 2016: Cottage Kitchens

2015 was a year of mixed emotions for the Kitchen Designing industry. We witnessed many trends making a splash but few were able to generate serious curiosity among prospective buyers or drive actual sales. The consumer mindset has clearly shifted to being more explorative. For us, this means a pleasant evolution as we have always promoted experimenting and innovating as the best approach to refurbishing any part of your living space, including the Kitchen. One trend that surfaced in 2015 and is most likely to sustain in 2016 is that of Cottage Kitchens. 

Cottage Kitchen

Lovely timber framed Cottage Kitchen

Prepping you with the basics: why Cottage Kitchens?

The Cottage Kitchen theme will appeal to those looking for a kitchen design with a vintage undertone. These are elegantly decorated kitchens without too many appliances. Yes, you can incorporate some aspects of modular fittings into Cottage Kitchens but overall, the visual presentation packs a bit of nostalgia and simplicity. These kitchens are not about glitz or shiny, lustrous surfaces. Laidback and charming Cottage Kitchens appeal due to their warm ambiance.

 What to expect in Cottage Kitchens & how to create this theme?

Cottage Kitchens are not meant to be visually captivating. The layout is cozy and unpretentious. It exudes vibes of carefree lifestyles. The Cottage theme can be easily created in bigger and small kitchens without any major expenditure. Think about softer hues, wooden flooring, wooden kitchen cabinets with window curtains and white shaker cabinets. Expect push-out window casements that augment the vintage feel. Typically, a Cottage Kitchen comes sans a proper dining table, at least not the sleek contemporary dining sets we see today. A better option is a farm table…the larger, the better.

You can also manipulate a few things to create the Cottage Kitchen aura. For instance, industrial lighting can be a smart way to add that dash of utilitarian touch—Cottage Kitchens are meant to have a bit of old-world charm and practically themed interiors. Similarly, smart and inexpensive options include adding some vintage cutlery items that are easily visible. Our creative team chanced upon a New Orleans kitchen that was not intentionally themed to be a cottage kitchen but exuded the same charm with this approach. Similarly, undemanding options include antique wooden cabinets below the counter. You can also invest in vintage styled linens for countertops and kitchen towels.

Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Kitchen Renovation

Unique and Exclusive Cottage Style Furniture

Pine and maple furniture have emerged as the preferred choice for cottage-themed kitchens. We recommend trying beadboard for that cottage/farmhouse aura. Beadboards are perfect for that flavor of simplicity. You might want to use it as a finishing option for cabinetry ends. Large windows and use of soft lighting is another typical trait associated with cottage-themed kitchens. Slightly difficult to resource but stylish component for a Cottage Kitchen includes clapboard sides—also a great way to offset the lustrous, glitzy finishing that can offset the cottage appeal.

Painting the Cottage Kitchen Ambiance

Painting the walls is also an easy way to get that Cottage Kitchen style. We recommend hues of browns paired with grays and whites. You might want to try Yellows and Whites in different hues. The more recent options you can try include sea glass blue and Lavender. White seems like a preferred option in Cottage Kitchens from the laminates of island countertops or when combined with subtle pastels in the color scheme of appliances. The Cottage color scheme also extends across kitchen furniture items like stool, backsplash tiles, and ceramics. Other painting options include using mineral painted cabinetry. You can also opt for distressed finishing. Black and White color scheme might not be the most popular option in the niche of Cottage Kitchens but you might like it.

More Cottage Kitchen Design Tips

If you can manage ceiling wooden beams, the Cottage appeal gets a major boost. Some designers believe that farmhouse sinks and inset-beaded cabinets are at the heart of cottage design scheme. You should not consider this as a thumb rule. Instead, try to mix and match to create a unique theme in your kitchen. Porcelain floors combined with shaker cabinets and more shelving rather than big cupboards add more intensity to the Cottage impression.

Just remember that Cottage Kitchens are not the best pick for you if you prefer gleaming new surfaces and the latest in digital appliances. This is about charming, raw kitchen theme that might not resonate with homeowners who want their kitchen to flaunt the latest style. However, if you are ready to explore the classic side of kitchen designs and like the retro feel, Cottage Kitchens just might work for you…

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