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By : Jessica Payne

Universal Design for Kitchens: 8 Things You Should Know

By Jessica Payne

Incorporating universal kitchen design is always a smart thing to do when considering your kitchen remodel. It is imperative that you analyze your lifestyle as well as the needs of your family.

With the aging population by the year 2020 more than 20 percent of America will be over the age of 65, according to the United States Census Bureau. Inevitably, Baby Boomers will bring home their aging parents while still raising their own families. A typical family will consist of grandchildren, children and grandparents. With this in mind we have no choice but to pay attention to how this will affect our kitchen remodel . After all, the kitchen is the popular space nowadays for most of our gatherings. Keeping young children and elderly in mind it is imperative that we look at safety as a primary factor to decrease any chance of injury. This is even more important if you are planning to stay in your home while you get older. The bottom line is if you incorporate these in your remodeling project now you will save a whole lot of money later.

Universal kitchen design is a smart approach to adapting your kitchen space in a manner that it will be functional to everyone. This design concept meets the needs of all people with varied abilities. It considers people with age-related problems, people who are tall or short, as well as those with various physical or mental impairments.

Counter Heights

Install counters at varying heights to accommodate performing tasks while sitting as well as standing.

Adjustable Countertops

For someone using a wheel chair, being able to adjust the height of the kitchen countertops will make cooking and preparing meals easier.

Roll out trays

Roll-out trays make it easier to see and reach items stored in lower kitchen cabinets and easier to reach items tucked away in the back of the cabinets.


Allows for accessibility of all contents in the cabinets.

Full-extension slides for drawers

Also allows for accessibility.

Bifold base cabinet doors

Kitchen Cabinet doors will open fully, providing maximum use of clear knee space for seated users.

Faucet above the stove

Installing an additional faucet above the stove makes filling pots much easier.

Increase lighting

Installing additional lighting can greatly improve the quality of life and decrease accidents.

By incorporating universal kitchen designs in your remodel project you will significantly improve the overall safety and accessibility for homeowners of all ages and abilities.

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