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Best Types Of Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets To Buy

Author: Jessica Payne

When opting to purchase ready to assemble cabinets, there are a few key pieces of information that you must know. Often referred to as "RTA" or "stock" cabinetry, ready to assemble cabinets are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking to save money. While they aren't as customizable as custom or semi-custom cabinets, they can still add a sense of stylish comfort to a person's kitchen and, by extension, to the entire home. The same size can often fit all, because most kitchens share size and design similarities that give birth to the possibility of using affordable standard sizes.

While high-density woods such as particle board are a common component in these cabinet pieces, other types of wood and materials are also used. It is quite common for these cabinets to be composed of two or more different wood materials. For example, the box and frame may be constructed out of solid wood or plywood while the center square in the door may be made of an MDF material. The best RTA kitchen cabinets will use a solid wood front frame to ensure durability.

One of the benefits of purchasing RTA cabinets is that that they can be easily assembled and installed. Most people find that they don't even need to hire a professional contractor to handle the installation. Expect to use standard tools when installing RTA kitchen cabinets. One should have a hammer handy, as well as screw drivers, chisels, and a drill. When installed, the units may remain permanently affixed to the walls of the dwelling in which they are located. After the units are properly installed, they will be largely maintenance-free. They should hang on the walls, sturdy and strong for many years without problem. Items of varying sizes and weight should be easily stored inside the spacious walls of the units.

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