4 Kitchen Designs Trends Engaging Attention this Season

Kitchen remodeling requires some serious thinking, so naturally the same applies when you are considering a new kitchen countertop. Kitchen remodeling trends for 2015 suggest that the era of depending solely on conventional choices, like granite countertops, is behind us. This season, kitchen countertops are getting sleeker, more ecologically compatible, and also, slightly confusing. The reason lies in the increasing number of choices. In this discussion, we try to familiarize you with kitchen countertop trends that go beyond the realm of merely sharing standard countertop materials. Remember, the contemporary consumer is quick to judge, sufficiently equipped to make comparisons and demands countertops that embody the dynamics of an ideal kitchen. Retailers are aware of this trend and they are curating their inventory to match the demands of such better-informed consumers. As a result, the following trends have made an impact in season 2015:

Quartz Countertop

Retro Design Idea for Countertop

1. A Little Bit of Retro is Good: Comeback of Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops were a popular countertop choice a few years back. Then, people lost interest in it as more options emerged. Recently, quartz has made a comeback. New quartz countertop providers are wowing customers with endless color options. Also, engineered quartz ranks almost at par with natural stone countertops in terms of final finishing and durability. More homeowners are realizing that contemporary quartz countertops combine the features of natural stone and laminate, blending the best of features. These countertops are very durable as they are heat resistant, nonporous, spill-resistant, and scratch resistant. Thus, they are a sensible, long-term investment option that comes with the assurance of stylish looks. Manufacturers have created almost indestructible quartz countertops. More providers in the market means an increased rate at which the prices are dipping—some serious savings for you!

2. Plain Old Granite Doesn’t Do it Anymore: Enter, Mixed Countertops

Granite is among the few countertop materials that have managed to retain their charm over the years despite emergence of many other options, including cheaper, manufactured countertop materials. However, kitchen remodelers are redoing granite-predominant kitchen countertops in a slightly new manner—they are creating countertops that combine granite with another, contrasting materials or they use different types of granites.

Here, we explain both these options:

Type I – Using Multiple Granites

Black granite can be aesthetically combined with red granite or rainforest green granite to create a unique color contrast. This makes the kitchen look more eclectic and the predictability of granite surfaces is neutralized.

Type II – Using Different Materials with Granites

This has double benefits for you. Firstly, the presence of granite ensures the kind of resilience you seek in a kitchen countertop. Use of other countertop materials means some savings since granite is among the more expensive options. Granite Countertops mixed in this manner include using a Butcher Block for the kitchen island countertop in a kitchen with predominantly granite countertops. Apart from wood, you can also explore laminates that help to break the monotony in granite-heavy kitchens.

 3. Being Ecologically-conscious: Using Reclaimed Wooden Countertops

Today, when wood is becoming an expensive choice, people are still ready to invest in the incomparable rustic charm of wooden countertops. Once properly finished, there is nothing like a solid wooden countertop to uplift the entire kitchen décor. Wood evokes a nostalgic feeling, which is generally lacking in modern-day kitchens. To neutralize the price point, people are increasingly searching for reclaimed wood. This is essentially salvaged wood, often procured from demolition sites.

Marble Countertop

Classic Kitchen Decor Emphasized with Marble Countertop

4. Predictable is Passé: Try Fusing & Blending Different Surfaces

Don’t stick to the norm of symmetrical kitchen surfaces. Agreed that Marble Countertops are very durable but do you want the entire kitchen bathed in one type of surface? Think long-term to create textures and patterns that contrast and complement each other. You can even combine natural and engineered countertops. Some more ideas trending this season:

  • If you create a small glass tile backsplash, an entirely new dimension is added to the palette of textures. Use of patterned tiles ensures that the boring symmetry is broken and tactile interest is created.
  • A more iconoclastic approach could be decorating the kitchen cabinets in different textures of the same color or in increasing intensity of hues. Imagine ocean blue kitchen cabinets with increasing density of blue!
  • Even if your kitchen is dominated with natural stone surfaces, try using small strips of linoleum and vinyl in decorative patterns to break the uniformity of similar surfaces.
  • Other textures which you can try includes exposed bricks and pressed metals—both unarguably among the top tier of durable kitchen materials.
  • Another approach to the traditional black and white contrast is to install an all-white Kitchen Peninsula while the rest of kitchen is covered in demure shades of black or dark, slate grey.

Concluding Thoughts

We are in the middle of 2015 and it is safe to say that these kitchen trends will continue to prevail during the remaining part of the year. It is evident that kitchen designers are getting more explorative, ready to think outside the box, challenge the norms and create more captivating kitchens.


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