4 Reasons Why People Favor RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Remodelers are Raving about Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

Remodeling a kitchen can be no easy task. It is believed that the most difficult part of the remodeling process is finding the right style and color for your kitchen cabinets. These choices should compliment your style, budget and also your personal preference. This is only half of the battle. Assembling kitchen cabinets can prove to be a tedious mission. But, the cost savings can be one of the most determining factors. That’s why so many people are opting for RTA kitchen cabinets.

You might be asking: What are RTA kitchen cabinets and why are people so vocal about them?

Ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets come unassembled and pre-measured. There is no cutting, or drilling required. So why are people choosing to put together their own cabinets? Here are four reasons why RTA kitchen cabinets are a remodeler’s go-to:

1. The Cost is Lower

The cost of pre-assembled cabinetry is oftentimes the deal breaker for many people who remodel their kitchens because pre-assembled cabinets can be extremely pricey. However, by choosing RTA cabinets, you’ll lower your overall cost considerably. This is due to the fact that most times, the cabinets are not delivered assembled, so the additional labor cost for the cabinets to be put together before they are delivered does not apply. Another expense that is greatly reduced is the transportation and shipping cost because the cabinets require less space for shipping.

2. Delivery and Shipping Times are Shortened

With RTA kitchen cabinets being stock sized, the time you must wait for them to be delivered is shorter. With some custom cabinet makes, you can expect a minimum of a five-to-six-week lead. However, with RTA, most time only 2-3 weeks are required for shipping. Having more time allows better more flexibility when planning your installations for your remodeled kitchen. Having time on your side when remodeling can prevent unneeded stress and it can ensure the process can will be complete in a shorter time period with little delays.

3. More Customization Options

One of the many things people enjoy about RTA kitchen cabinets is the fact that there are so many possibilities for customization options. Features like different molding, all-wood construction, and dovetail drawers allow for more “mix and match” options that present a more customizable final product. When you remodel your kitchen, you want it to be how you picture it. The more options that are available to you when it comes to customization, the better.

4. Stronger Materials

The biggest difference between pre-assembled cabinets and RTA cabinets is the materials they use. Pre-assembled cabinets that could be purchased at a home furnishing store are generally made of fiberboard or particleboard. Quality RTA cabinets use plywood, which is more durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Buying Pre-assembled cabinets with plywood and more durable materials can cost three to four times the price of RTA cabinets.

Every kitchen remodeling project should begin with good planning. Before making any final purchases, you’ll want to set a budget and stick to it. In addition, you’ll want to decide on the style of kitchen you want, and what kinds of appliances/cabinetry fit the kitchen you envision. Having this sort of blueprint will help determine the options you’ll want for your new ready-to-assemble cabinets.

Remodeling a kitchen can be quite strenuous, but it doesn’t have to be. With any questions or concerns regarding RTA kitchen cabinets, contact us today! Whether you know exactly what you need or you have no idea where to begin, we can help.

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