5 Convenient Kitchen Island Ideas

If your kitchen is large enough to comfortably hold an island, you know how much of a convenience it can be. With one unit, you can increase your work space for prepping and cooking, storage space for holding cooking implements, and seating space for dining. However, with the right accessories and design elements, you can upgrade your basic kitchen island and create an even more convenient and efficient work space that truly works for you.

Hanging Pot Rack

Photo Source: inspiredhomeideas.com

Photo Source: inspiredhomeideas.com

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It can be a hassle having to rummage through kitchen cabinets to search for the particular pan that you need, especially if you’re an avid chef with a wide variety of cooking implements. While there are many storage options for large, awkward pots and pans, the easiest option is to not have to search for them at all!

Installing a hanging pot rack above your kitchen island is an excellent way to streamline your cooking process while freeing up valuable storage space for other items. It’s especially convenient if your cooktop is located on your island, so even if you’re in the middle of cooking, the pot or pan that you need is never too far away.

Aesthetically, a hanging pot rack is also a great way to show off your cookware, particularly if you have pots and pans made from copper or other attractive materials that may complement the overall design style.

Two-Tiered Kitchen Island

Mediterranean kitchen with two-tiered island. | Photo Source: HGTV - Kitchen Designs By Ken Kelly

Mediterranean kitchen with two-tiered island. | Photo Source: HGTV – Kitchen Designs By Ken Kelly

For many homeowners, the kitchen island does double duty as both a work space and an eating space. Depending on the sizes of your kitchen and island, things may get a little crowded and hectic, particularly if there are children involved.

The two-tiered island design solves this issue by creating designated areas, one dedicated to prepping and cooking the meal, and one for eating. Cooking itself becomes a social activity as your friends and family can comfortably hang out in the kitchen without getting in the way.

Not only is a two-tiered island great for minimizing clutter and maximizing efficiency, but it’s also an attractive configuration that can be adapted to any kitchen design style.

Pop-Up Electrical Outlet

2010 Dream Home Pop-up Electrical Outlet

Photo by Casey’s Creative Kitchens

If you’re a home chef that tends to use a lot of electrical appliances, you know how important it is to have electrical outlets placed within close proximity of your work areas. In most kitchens, electrical outlets are located somewhere along the wall. But what if you do most of your prep work on your kitchen island?

The most convenient situation is to have an electrical outlet located right on the kitchen island. When this is the case, the outlet is usually placed somewhere along the side of the island. However, some homeowners find this to be unsightly, and depending on the placement, difficult to access.

Pop-up electrical outlets are located right in the island countertop, and is conveniently hidden from view when not in use. This also brings the outlet closer, which is great for small appliances with short power cords.

Butcher Block Countertop

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Butcher block surfaces are a great option for homeowners who love to cook but also love the natural aesthetic of a wood countertop. If your kitchen island is your main work space, a butcher block countertop is especially convenient because prep work can be done directly on the countertop surface. Rather than being confined to a singular cutting board, you have virtually your entire countertop space to work on.

The expansive work space comes in especially handy for prepping and cooking with young children. The relatively easy cleanup and upkeep of the butcher block countertop also makes it an attractive option for working with kids. Adding a pull-out trash receptacle within the kitchen island can help keep the mess contained and hasten the cleanup.

Under-Counter Refrigeration

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

Under-counter refrigerator drawers are a great way to keep pertinent ingredients close by, thereby reducing the need to run back and forth to a refrigerator while cooking. If your kitchen is properly designed, your refrigerator shouldn’t be located too far away, but if for some reason the distance is inconvenient, refrigerator drawers are a great complement to the fridge space that you already have.

Some drawer models will allow you to fix a matching drawer front, allowing for a more uniform and seamless look. However, they tend to run on the pricier side, sometimes upwards of several thousand dollars. If you’re worried about your kitchen remodeling budget, a small refrigeration unit is a cheaper option that would serve the same purpose.


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