5 Functional & Eye-Catching Kitchen Island Design Ideas

The kitchen island tends to be the main feature of most kitchen spaces. This has much to do with the fact that it’s usually located smack dab in the center. However, the majority of activity in the kitchen tends to revolve around the kitchen island. It serves as a perfect staging and prep area when cooking meals. It also serves as a sort of social hub in the kitchen where other members of the family can gather.

Because it’s usually the first thing that people gravitate to when they enter a kitchen, it’s important that the design is functional but also eye-catching. A gorgeous kitchen island that works well for cooking, dining and cleaning will make your kitchen stand out among the rest.

Increase Your Storage Space

Kitchen islands tend to take up quite a bit of space in the room. Use your island wisely by using it as additional storage space in your kitchen. As kitchen island tend to be created with larger cabinets, it’s the perfect place to store small appliances, large pots and pans, or serving trays for parties. You may also opt for drawer cabinets to store your collection of smaller items that you use infrequently.

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If your kitchen space can accommodate such a thing, you might also be interested in using the space above your kitchen island for the storage of pots and pans. Hanging storage above the kitchen island allows for easy access to the cookware that you use on a regular basis. Bonus points if your cookware is also visually appealing.

Are you an avid cook? Add shelves to the end of your kitchen island to store your cookbooks. Are you a wine lover? Carve out some room for a small wine fridge! When it comes to customizing your kitchen island, the possibilities are endless.

Make Your Kitchen Island A Point Of Contrast

One surefire way to create a gorgeous kitchen design is by using contrasting colors. Because the kitchen island is physically separate from the rest of the kitchen cabinets, it’s the perfect place to play with color. A white kitchen, for example, becomes more intriguing when paired with a contrasting kitchen island with dark, wooden, or colorful cabinets.

You can also play with the kitchen countertops. You may choose to use a bolder, more interesting countertop on the island while keeping it relatively simple in the rest of the kitchen, or vice versa. This is also a great option if your budget is tight and you need to make a compromise. You can use a more affordable countertop material around the perimeter of the kitchen while using a pricier, more attractive countertop material on the island.

Light Up Your Kitchen Island

Aesthetically, it’s sometimes true that what’s hanging above your kitchen island is just as important as the island itself. Choosing an attractive, unique set of hanging pendant lights can make a boring kitchen island significantly more interesting.

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Adding accent lights to your kitchen is always a great way to create mood and increase the attractiveness of your kitchen space. Adding some affordable string lights to the overhang of your kitchen island can give your kitchen space a soft, warm, glowing ambience that is particularly alluring at night. You can also choose to use the combination of glass cabinet doors and inner-cabinet lighting to create a unique showcase for any special kitchenware that you may have.

Make It Two-Tiered

A staggered kitchen island – with one section raised above the other – is a great way to create separate spaces dedicated to different tasks. A higher section with enough overhang of the countertop can create an eating space perfect for tall bar stools.

The lower section can be used for preparation, or for a more functional space, can be used for an additional sink. This setup can be particularly useful if you have kids that love to hang around the kitchen. They can sit and watch you work without getting in the way.

Create A Work Of Art

If your kitchen island has a large side that can be seen from other rooms, you can use that side as an opportunity to make the space more attractive. Using beadboard panels are a simple, less obvious way to add a bit of style, especially for cottage, coastal, or farmhouse kitchens. If you’re willing to be bold, however, you can use gorgeous mosaic or designer tiles to liven up an otherwise boring island. A pop of bold color can take a contemporary kitchen design to another level.

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These are just a few of the countless ways that you can transform your kitchen island into something spectacular. There’s not need to compromise aesthetics for functionality or vice versa. Always feel free to customize your kitchen island (and the rest of the kitchen for that matter) to fit both your lifestyle and your personal style.

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