5 Kitchen Cabinetry Trends Gaining Serious Footprints in 2015

Kitchen trends are hard to keep up with as designers and remodelers continue to innovate and redefine this niche. We are always on the lookout for trends that help to make the kitchen more functional and aesthetically progressive. We seldom fixate on one aspect, as we believe that a better-managed kitchen is naturally a better-looking kitchen. Today, we are discussing some kitchen cabinetry trends that have made their presence felt this season and continue to impress.

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1. Extensive Cabinetry, from Floor to Ceiling

After having seen a few kitchen remodelers actually do it, we realize the immense potential of extensive, wall-covering kitchen cabinets. Yes, it does sound overwhelming but it adds great utility to the kitchen space. You should try open shelving with a few conventional kitchen cabinets in this design. This helps you arrange kitchen essentials based on the frequency of their use. For smaller kitchens, this can be very helpful, as the entire wall space is effectively employed. Think of the kitchen wall as your canvas for incorporating different types of cabinet storage spaces, such as corner drawers, pullout shelves, swinging doors, track doors, cabinets with pocket doors, or glass-front and sliding doors. Some advantages of this approach to kitchen cabinetry:

  • Helps to establish one wall as the utility wall, freeing other kitchen walls
  • Creates plenty of storage space, cleaning-up the countertops of the usual clutter
  • Utilizes wasted wall space (vertical) that is beyond our reach
  • Provides lots of surface area to space-saving essentials like hooks

 2. Intentionally Mismatched Kitchen Cabinetry

You read it right—we are advocating breaking conventional kitchen cabinet practices. We believe that using the same color across all the cabinets or finishing with colors that make the cabinets blend into the kitchen’s décor is not necessary. You can do the exact opposite—choose cabinetry materials that contrast the kitchen’s theme. This can also help to offset any overbearing surface in the kitchen. For instance, in a kitchen dominated by metallic and metallically finished materials, you expect the cabinetry to be dressed in complementary shades of laminates or a finishing that harmonizes the presence of stainless steel, copper knobs, metal sinks, etc. However, you can break this monotony by installing kitchen cabinets in a wooden finishing. This contrast helps to balance the industrial nature of metallic surfaces of the kitchen. The contrasting but welcome, warm aura of wood in the kitchen also creates a point of visual focus. More importantly, it also brings different textures into play, giving your kitchen that designer edge.

3. Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets…just a couple of them!

We must confess, we are not big fans of lacquered kitchen cabinets. However, when you want to redo your kitchen without spending much, they present a rather smart approach. The reason we recommend just a few lacquered cabinets is because their finish is like that of a newly painted car. The shiny, bright exterior can be overwhelming if you do this across the cabinetry. Just a few lacquered cabinets, like under the cooktop, kitchen island or sink area can do the trick. Choose a bold, bright color for this purpose. Ensure you use multiple coats of lacquer. If you want to create a bigger contrast, you can polish the lacquered surface. The glossy sheen is easy to maintain with an occasional touch-up. Choose the finest lacquer for this job since the finished surface is slightly prone to cracking.

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 4. Betting Big, Brass-wise

Predicted to be a part of this season’s popular trends, brass has emerged as a favorite in household kitchens. From knobs to pendants, handles, and brass facets in a finishing that complements the kitchen cabinets is quickly gaining popularity. You can also opt for kitchen cabinet hardware with slightly toned-down options, like those with copper details. We recommend trying oil-rubbed bronze. It works great with kitchen cabinets in stronger, deeper shades like violets and deep purples. You can explore more options when incorporating brass in your kitchen. Options include:

  • Brass finished portraits on the walls
  • Brass moldings

 5. Industrial Lighting that Complements Cabinets

This is the season of Industrial Kitchen Lighting where wire caged lighting fixtures are replacing traditional scones. Industrial lighting has a slightly stronger utilitarian aura to it. Those in love with European-styled traditional lighting fixtures might find it to too rustic. For others, it can be a pleasant change. Industrial Lighting can be easily matched with the hardware on your kitchen cabinets because of the wide range of finishing options on offer, including Blackened Steel or Clear Glass and Brass. Think of this as embellishing the kitchen space in subtle yet effective way.

Concluding with Some Kitchen Cabinet Color Options

Some other, not-so-popular kitchen cabinet trends becoming popular this season include the use of sophisticated grey. Touted as the favorite neutral shade for kitchen cabinets, grey cabinets, finished uniformly or slightly differently, to create an interesting contrast, has found favor with many homeowners. Blue is also making a comeback of sorts, particularly sought by folks who want a countryside-like aura in their kitchen. For those who like to play with colors, warm shades of orange have emerged as the contrasting color of choice. The more audacious options include black-colored cabinetry. Again, well contrasted with a few cabinets laminated in burning orange, black cabinets can give your kitchen a very edgy appearance.


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