5 Reasons To Install A Second Sink In Your Kitchen

Have you ever considered getting a second sink in your kitchen? Maybe you’re frustrated that your only sink is always filled with dishes, making it harder to get everything cleaned. Maybe you have a large family that loves to cook, but you’re tired of bumping elbows and arguing to get access to some running water. Or maybe your current sink just simply isn’t large enough.

Whatever the reason, installing a second sink in your kitchen can be a massive convenience that makes cooking and cleaning an easy-breezy, stress-free task for you and your family. If you’re making the consideration, here’s why you should install a second sink in your kitchen.

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A Second Sink Makes Cleanup A Breeze

You know the deal. Dinner has been prepared, everyone’s well-fed and ready to turn to their own personal tasks, but the sink looks like a complete horror show. Pots, pans, dishes and utensils are all stacked haphazardly in your small sink, threatening to topple over at any moment – and you have to do the washing.

A second sink, especially if positioned nearby your main sink, can make cleanup a whole lot easier. It can allow for better separation of dirty dishes while you wash. You can also have more than one person washing up at the same time, making the cleanup process a whole lot easier.

A similar sized sink positioned near your main sink, or positioned in a nearby island or peninsula can work perfectly for this scenario.

Easily Divide Your Tasks

Maybe you aren’t just cooking dinner. Maybe you’re also trying to bake a cake or create an elaborate dessert to accompany dinner, and you need a free source of running water to really help get everything done in time. A second sink can really help to streamline this process.

Or maybe you’re entertaining a large group of family and friends, but need a separate sink to prepare beverages while you work on getting the meal prepped. A separate wet bar sink would really come in handy here. This can be located further away from the main prep sink so that people can easily use this space without getting in your way.

More Space For Everyone

If you have a large family, then holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas can become quite hectic, especially if there are multiple cooks in the kitchen. Having an additional sink in your kitchen island or on a large peninsula can allow everyone to have their own prep space so no one gets in anyone else’s way.

This also comes in handy if you have children that you’re trying to get involved in the cooking process. Having a separate space that they can work with can really help to keep them engaged – while cutting down on the inevitable messes.

Improves The Aesthetics Of Your Kitchen

In addition to being a great convenience, a second sink can also be a great aesthetic centerpiece in your kitchen. With so many innovative new faucets on the market, a small sink & faucet combination on your kitchen island can also serve as a great conversation starter while also improving the overall look of the kitchen. This is a particularly great way to add a touch of luxury to your otherwise inexpensive ready-to-assemble kitchen.

More Time With The Family

Whether it means spending less time in the kitchen cleaning up, or allowing more of your family to get involved in the process of cooking and cleaning, a second sink can allow you to spend more time with your family. Some of the fondest memories are made in the kitchen, and a second sink is a welcoming way to invite more of your loved ones to get involved. Once everything is all said and done, the cleanup can be a quick – and fun – process, freeing up more time for relaxing and unwinding with the ones you love.

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