5 Things You Should Know About Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens are an innovative and fine fusion of traditional design and modern appliances. Elegance at its zenith, convenience loaded, ample space and impressive designs are the interesting features that aptly define a transitional kitchen. Natural lighting, exclusive furnishings can turn up the area more impressive and adorable. Transitional kitchens are highly flexible and convenient to work in. They have well defined place for every activity and storage space, so that the kitchen appears clutter free, neat and hygienic.

If you’re planning to renovate or redesign your kitchen area absolutely or with some highlights, then go for a transitional kitchen theme and experience the difference it can make! Continue reading the article for some interesting ideas to achieve the transitional style.

Transitional Appliances

Kitchen with Traditional and Modern Elegance

Elegance Combined with Engineering

The primary feature that has made the concept of transitional kitchen highly popular is its fine blend of classic and modern designing styles. The elements of both styles are combined in a way that it appears aesthetically appealing and also adds ease of movement in the kitchen. Modern furnishings, wooden cabinets, or an amalgamation of traditional and modern accessories and appliances can create a harmonious and a peaceful ambiance in the kitchen.

Natural Color Scheme

Transitional kitchens look more elegant when they are fused with natural colors, so going for very bright colors might not create the desired look! Soft color schemes propagate a sophisticated and calm appearance with an unmatched aura and charm. Make use of browns, light browns, greys and blacks. Go for neutral colors as they have an innate elegance and grace that can uplift the appearance of any décor.

Focus on the Cabinets  

Cabinets are one of the most important and the most significant parts of the kitchen, not only because they are highly useful, but also because they influence the entire kitchen ambiance and theme. Expert interior designers from all around the world prefer wood cabinets in the transitional themed kitchen, as cabinets made from metal and other materials can start looking too contemporary. Wood cabinets with sophisticated raised paneling might not look very impressive in a transitional kitchen so opt for simple, recessed or flat-paneled wooden cabinets and achieve the look! Wood cabinets painted white or dark brown can also add a stronger touch of modern interest to the space.

Keep the Old & Add the New

Transitional styling does not demand elaborate and expensive makeovers and anyone can easily create the look by making small alterations in their kitchen. Transitional kitchen styling means uniting two different themes, and one can create harmony in the theme by mixing old accessories with modern décor or vice versa. You don’t necessarily need to toss old appliances or cutlery, just fuse them together with modern accessories and get a refreshing look!

Transitional Kitchen

Enduring Design offering both Comfort and Class.

Use Texture to Add Life

Transitional kitchens support monochromatic schemes and lighter colors better. If you believe that this will make the space look extremely boring and dull then adding textures will be a good option. Texture on the walls or rough countertops will be visually appealing and will infuse life into the kitchen. Interesting, rough and unprocessed surfaces will give your kitchen a vintage look and will also complement the modern décor, thereby giving you a well embellished transitional kitchen.

There are many other avenues through which you can give your kitchen an impressive makeover. You can play with the lighting or can go for interesting kitchen trimmings as well. You can use flowers to embellish or opt for delicate cutlery instead. Make sure that you do not over-accessorize the place as it may ruin the look. Transitional kitchens are highly spacious and organized, so do give your creativity wings to fly, but do not break the rules! Exciting chandeliers, soft lighting schemes, impressive faucets and more can upgrade the look of the kitchen. The seating area in your kitchen also gives you scope to experiment with the theme; you can opt for antique furniture or ultra-modern pieces as per your interests and budget!

Natural materials should be incorporated more if you are planning to go for a transitional style kitchen. It entirely depends upon how you want to balance both the themes in your kitchen. Depending upon your interests you can allow the classic style to dominate or you can let the modern theme have more prominence in your kitchen décor. Going transitional is the latest trend, so have you made the transition?

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