6 Design Ideas For Your Range Backsplash

If you’re investing in a brand new, eye-catching range and gorgeous range hood for your kitchen, then you’re going to have to pay special attention to the design choices that you make. A beautiful range and hood are often the focal point of a kitchen, so naturally the space between these two items should be well-designed.

However, it’s not always easy trying to figure out exactly what to do within this space. Should you simply extend the backsplash up the wall, or use the space as an opportunity to be a little more creative? If you’re still undecided, the following designs should help spark an idea for your kitchen remodel.

Create An Accent Wall


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If you’re a creative DIY type, then the space above your range is a great opportunity to express yourself. Break away from the monotony of your backsplash and create an accent wall. This is a particularly great option if your range hood is a chimney hood that will leave a good portion of the wall design exposed.

If you decide on an accent well, choose a material that contrasts the rest of your kitchen to create a design that will immediately draw the eye. The above kitchen utilizes smaller gray and white mosaic tiles for a simple yet complementary break in the all-white monochromatic kitchen design.

Extend The Backsplash


The simplest thing to do, particularly if you have already decided upon a unique, eye-catching backsplash, is to simply extend the backsplash up the length of the wall. This option creates a seamless design that can be used in any kitchen style, but it’s particularly appropriate for contemporary, modern, classic, industrial, or transitional styles that exude simplicity.

This design option will also certainly save you the time, energy, and cost of trying to create an additional design in this space. If clean, simple and seamless is your style, then forget the elaborate designs. The backsplash that you’ve already chosen can be more than enough.

Framed Design


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Perfect for traditional kitchens, an elaborate, framed backsplash design is a common choice for above the range. This is a great way to use a few designer tiles, framed by complementary border. The above kitchen features a framed set of gorgeous designer tiles, flanked by four rows of additional mosaic tiles.

While this is a great choice traditional design styles, it can also be accommodated in other kitchens. Simply find a thinner tile in a complementary color or type to use as a rail, and frame a single or multiple designer tiles or a simple set of mosaics. Of course, you can also be creative and have multiple frames in different materials.

Bricks & Stones


For a more natural or rustic look, exposed brick or natural stones are a great way to go. Take advantage of exposed brick that is already available in the home to save money on materials and installation costs. If brick is not available, there are look-alike materials that can recreate the look.


Natural stones, such as travertine or slate are an alternative to brick that can achieve the same natural or rustic effect that you’re looking for. This range backsplash is great for elaborate traditional or Old World styles, but it can be tailored to just about any kitchen style.

Feature Metals


One surefire way to create an eye-catching design above your range is to feature a metal backsplash. This can be in the form of an accent wall, or a simple framed section. The above kitchen features small stainless steel circles that combine to create a brilliant glittery effect in an otherwise simple design.

Metal backsplash materials are available in full sheets or tiles of varying sizes and shapes. Whether you prefer warm copper, cool stainless steel, or any other metal of your choosing, there’s an option that will serve as the perfect complement to your kitchen design.

Make It Convenient


In addition to whatever aesthetic choice you make, this space also presents the perfect opportunity to make your kitchen experience more efficient and convenient. You can install hooks to hang pots, pans, or utensils for easy access during cooking. If plumbing permits, you can also install a pot filler for easy water access.


The above kitchen features an inset range backsplash that can double as a bit of extra storage space for cooking oils or other necessities. This convenient nook can also be used to showcase designer items such as plates.

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