6 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For Wine Lovers

If you’re an avid wine drinker, a solid wine rack is a must-have accessory for your kitchen remodel. You might think that adding too many extra components may complicate your remodel, but the best thing about using stock cabinetry to design your kitchen is how easy it is to customize a look that fits your taste.

Indeed, your kitchen should always reflect your personality, but it should also be functional and simple to use. While there are many accessories available in our lines of stock cabinetry, the wine rack is one of the most enduring and popular additions.

No matter what the design style, a good wine rack makes for a seamless addition. With this and other design options available, you can easily design your kitchen to both show off your wine collection and create an attractive, welcoming space for entertaining friends and family.

Pony Wall With Lattice Wine Rack

Photo Source: Decorpad.com

This kitchen is a perfect example of a space that is both functional and attractive, despite not being very large. You may think that showing off your wine collection requires a kitchen with a large amount of space, but this isn’t true.

This G-shaped kitchen includes a short pony wall with cabinets that actually open away from the kitchen rather than inside of it, making more efficient use of the space. You can achieve this look by including a wine rack in the run and turning it vertically, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the other cabinets. Use glass doors for the adjoining cabinets in order to show off your stemware.

Kitchen Island With Wine Fridge

Photo Source: Decorpad.com

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While a wine rack is the most common and most affordable way to showcase your wine collection, it isn’t the only option. There are currently many small wine refrigerators on the market that can fit perfectly into your kitchen island. While this may be more costly, it may be a great investment for those who love their chilled white wines.

Full Size Wine Fridge

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Let’s be real, wine racks are great, but with all the technological advancements that have been made in the kitchen design space, more and more homeowners are opting to invest in more convenient appliances.

If you’re a social butterfly with a large kitchen and a large budget, then go ahead and splurge on a large wine fridge. It’s bound to be the impressive centerpiece that gets all of your guests talking. You can also include a small, tabletop wine bottle holder just to round out the look.

Extended Peninsula With Wine Rack & Fridge

Photo Source: czmcam.org

If you have the space to extend your countertop to create a peninsula, or even better, create a G-shaped kitchen, then this is a great way to showcase your wine collection. With enough space, you can use the side that opens out into the living room for both a wine rack and a wine fridge.

Beverage Bar With Wine Rack & Stem Holder

Photo Source: Memorabledecor.com

If you absolutely love your wine and you’re looking to make a big statement, then you may want to dedicate a separate section in your home to a beverage bar. This makes the most sense if you’re constantly having people over for drinks, as this space will be used frequently.

Many people choose to have their beverage bar as an extension of their kitchen or they may choose to have it located somewhere nearby so that the water line can be accessed for a bar sink. Another option is to have one built in your basement or another part of the home where it’s most convenient to entertain guests.

This dedicated space can be designed to your liking. You can choose to use glass doors to showcase your stemware, or use a hanging wine glass holder instead. You should absolutely include a small fridge and round out the look with the wine rack of your choice.

Simple Wine Rack Attachment

Photo Source: Decorsnob.com

If you aren’t yet ready to remodel your entire kitchen, you can still show off your wine collection by purchasing a wine rack attachment that can fit underneath your cabinets. You may only be able to showcase a couple bottles of wine, but it can still be a great way to bump up the aesthetics of your existing kitchen.

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