6 Ways To Use Copper In Your Kitchen Design

If you love the look of warm kitchens – that is, kitchens that feature hues of light to medium brown, oranges, reds, and gold – then you’ll adore the way that copper can take such a look to an entirely new level. Copper has been making a major comeback in kitchen design, from simple copper accessories to extravagant copper range hoods and light fixtures. Whether it’s hints of copper in your classic white kitchen or multiple copper accents in your warm traditional kitchen, there are countless ways to uniquely incorporate copper into your personal design.

Copper Kitchen Countertops

Photo Source: Brooks Custom

Photo Source: Brooks Custom

Pair a copper countertop with the light brown hues of our Country Oak or Shakertown kitchen cabinets!

While stone countertops such as granite reign supreme in the kitchen design world, metal countertops are an attractive and versatile alternative. The distinctive hue of copper makes a great complement to light- and medium-colored wood cabinetry or can provide a striking contrast for painted white cabinets.

In addition to its aesthetics, copper is a great material for countertops because of its antimicrobial properties. Its natural resistance to bacteria makes it a great choice for the hygiene-conscious homeowner.

Copper countertops need to be sealed periodically to protect its sheen, or if you’re feeling daring, you can leave the surface unsealed and allow it to take on a natural patina over time.

Copper Range Hoods

Photo Source: livinator.com

Photo Source: livinator.com

If copper surfaces seem like they’d be too overbearing in your kitchen, but you’d still like copper to be prominently featured, try incorporating a copper range hood. No matter your kitchen style or personal preferences, you’re bound to find a copper range hood that is the perfect match.

For a modern or contemporary kitchen design, a smooth and shiny finish can add vibrant character to the overall look. A darker, aged copper range hood makes the perfect complement to traditional, rustic, or Old World kitchen styles.

Copper Light Fixtures

Photo Source: findfurnished.com

Photo Source: findfurnished.com

Create this design & combine copper accents with our Uptown White and Downtown Dark kitchen cabinets!

One of the easiest ways to incorporate copper into just about any kitchen design is by using copper light fixtures. This is a great option if you love the look of copper but don’t want it to be prominently featured in your kitchen design.

Because of the wide range of available styles and finishes, you can find copper light fixtures for just about any kitchen design style. Above, the copper light fixtures make an interesting, eye-catching complement to the two-toned design without clashing with the stainless steel accents also featured throughout the kitchen.

Copper Sinks & Faucets

Photo Source: Signature Hardware

Copper’s antimicrobial properties also make it a great choice of material for sinks and faucets. As kitchen sinks and faucets constantly come into contact with bacteria, choosing a naturally hygienic material is a great way to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Copper farmhouse sinks are a popular way to feature copper in the kitchen, particularly because this style allows the sink to be prominently featured rather than hidden away underneath the countertop. These eye-catching sinks can be found in a variety of textured and engraved designs, for an additional bit of visual interest.

Copper Pulls & Handles

Photo Source: Girl Cooks World

For a more understated  yet elegant look, you may want to consider opting for copper hardware. From brushed to satin to antique finishes, copper pulls and handles can add a pop of warmth to any kitchen design style without being at all overbearing. Use them to cut through the monotony of classic all-white kitchens or to add the finishing touches to warm wood cabinetry.

Patinated Copper

Photo Source: Welsh Construction Inc | Ellen Martin Photography

Photo Source: Welsh Construction Inc | Ellen Martin Photography

A copper backsplash makes an elegant complement to the dark brown glazing of our Kingston kitchen cabinets!

As previously mentioned, when unfinished, copper can develop a patina over time,  particularly when it comes into contact with acid. While some homeowners maintain the sheen of copper by periodically applying a wax, many people adore the rustic look of copper that has been allowed to develop a patina.

In fact, many manufacturers purposely manipulate copper to give it that characteristic antique look that a patina creates. Depending on the technique, the patina can range from a deep brown to deep reds and bright blues. Above, dark patinated subway tiles come together to form an elegant and striking backsplash design.


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