7 Innovative Bathroom Technologies

Is your bathroom feeling a little bland and boring lately? You could do a quick and easy refresher by simply replacing your bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet. But if you’re looking for something to whet your appetite for a more futuristic, contemporary design, you can satisfy your inner techie with any one of the following innovative bathroom technologies.

Swirl Faucet

Swirl faucet design concept. | Photo source: Dujour.com

Swirl faucet design concept. | Photo source: Dujour.com

This gorgeous design concept was the brainchild of Simin Qiu, a student and London’s Royal College of Art. This iF Design Concept Award winner offers three different nozzles, each with a different geometric design. Powered through a double turbine, this faucet not only provides an eye-catching swirl design, but it also conserves water by 15%. This combination of unique aesthetics and water conservation is the perfect product for the techie homeowner who appreciates forward-thinking design.

Temp IQ Temperature Control Technology

Brizo TempIQ Temperature Control Technology | Photo Source: Brizo

Brizo TempIQ Temperature Control Technology | Photo Source: Brizo

We’ve all had those unfortunate moments when the water coming from the tap is just a little too hot or a bit too cold for our liking, especially when using single-handle faucets. So what if you could know exactly what temperature your water will be before you stick your hands underneath your faucet? Brizo’s Temp IQ Temperature Control Technology is designed to address exactly this problem. The faucet comes equipped with an LED light that changes color when the water has reached your desired temperature. It is also designed to maintain a consistent temperature without suddenly becoming too hot or too cold. This technological advancement is perfect for households with young children because it provides a level of safety and comfort that other faucets don’t.

Showerhead w/ Wireless Speaker

Kohler's Moxie® Single-Function Showerhead with Wireless Speaker | Photo Source: Kohler

Kohler’s Moxie® Single-Function Showerhead with Wireless Speaker | Photo Source: Kohler

This bathroom innovation is sure to be a favorite of music lovers everywhere. Kohler’s Moxie® Single-Function Showerhead with wireless speaker allows you to stream audio directly into your shower. This cool device syncs with any Bluetooth®-enabled device, including your smart phone, tablet, or even laptop. The water-resistant speaker can be popped out of the showerhead for charging and can hold up to 7 hours of power. It also still works when it isn’t attached to your showerhead, allowing you to customize your audio experience, and with a full-coverage spray, you’re bound to have a wonderful shower.

Refrigerated Bathroom Cabinets

Perlick Refrigerated Beauty Drawers

Perlick Refrigerated Beauty Drawers | Photo Source: RobbReport

The rise in all-natural, organic, eco-friendly beauty products means that more and more health-conscious homeowners are using soaps, lotions, and other products without preservatives. These products tend to have a short shelf life and can easily spoil without refrigeration. The obvious solution is to simply refrigerate your products, but let’s be real here – no one wants to run to the kitchen while wearing a bath towel. Perlick Corp, long-time manufacturer of stainless steel refrigeration products, has designed 15-inch Refrigerated Beauty Drawers specifically for storing those organic beauty items. At upwards of $3,000, these made-to-order bathroom fridges are a serious investment, but with the option to customize the perfect fridge center to store highly perishable, often pricey beauty products, it just may be worth it.

Heated Toilet Seat w/ LED Night Light

Brondell LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat

Brondell LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat with LED Nightlight | Photo Source: Home Depot

If you’re one of those people who constantly needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, you know that it can often be an… unfortunate situation. It’s hard to see, but turning on the light will surely wake you up too much, and the shock of the cold seat can be downright miserable. Brondell’s LumaWarm heated toilet seat with LED night light is the perfect solution for using the bathroom during those dark, cold, winter nights. It fits all standard-sized toilet seats, features three custom temperature settings, blue LED night light for easy visibility, and a gentle-closing seat and lid to avoid that headache-inducing noisy slam. For a little over a $100, this is surely a convenience worth having.

Chromatherapy Tub

Kohler Chromatherapy Tub | Photo Source: Kohler

Kohler Chromatherapy Tub | Photo Source: Kohler

We can all agree that a nice, relaxing bath at the end of the day is a wonderful way to de-stress and unwind. Well, with a chromatherapy tub, you can enhance this experience with a bathtub lit with your favorite color, or add a touch of excitement with a beautiful lighting sequence featuring all colors of the rainbow. Some people believe that certain colors can have either stimulating or calming effects on the body. With small lights placed around the tub and a remote feature for setting your lighting preference, you can fully customize a bath experience that is sure to be quite soothing.

Chromatic Showerhead

Rainbow showerhead

Chromatic showerhead featuring the colors of the rainbow. | Photo Source: TrendHunter.com

If baths aren’t your thing but you’re still interested in illuminating your shower with your favorite hues, chromatic showerheads might be appealing to you. There are several showerheads available on the market, some that change colors according to water pressure and others that change to warn you when you’ve been in the shower for too long. This is quite a fun way to shower, particularly if you have kids that are often reluctant to do so.

These are just a handful of the smart tech innovations currently available on the market. Some are admittedly more useful than others, and some simply make your bathroom just a little more fun. Would you purchase any of these items? What other bathroom innovations have you come across recently? Let us know in the comments!

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