7 Ways To Use Pantone® Color Of The Year Ultra Violet In Your Kitchen

Every year, color authority Pantone releases their Color of the Year, setting the tone for design trends for the year to come. For the year of 2018, Pantone has chosen the deep, vibrant shade of purple named Ultra Violet, stating “Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come”.

This mystical shade has an intriguing allure that creates a very distinct aesthetic in whatever room it’s used in. Though it is quite unique, it is still extremely versatile and will shine in traditional and contemporary kitchens alike. If you find yourself in love with this imaginative shade, here are seven ways you can easily incorporate it into your kitchen design.

Ultra Violet Appliances

Photo Source: Groupon

If you love the strong, vibrant presence of Ultra Violet but you’re not too keen on making a major kitchen remodeling commitment, then appliances are the easiest way to go! This is a particularly great choice if you happen to have a modern kitchen design, as colored appliances are quite reminiscent of modern kitchens of the mid-century.

This is an option that can blend in very well with kitchens that don’t already have a lot of different colors. Unless you’re going for a purposefully fun & funky eclectic design style, it’s probably not a great idea to add more colors. A kitchen with too many varying colors runs the risk of clashing and looking brash and confusing.

Ultra Violet Backsplash

Photo Source: Southerncountiesglass.co.uk

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This violet backsplash adds the perfect amount of drama to this otherwise monochrome white kitchen. The simple, white Shaker kitchen cabinets and chrome hardware provide the perfect foundation for this bold purple backsplash. The key to this alluring look is the reflective glass material. While a matte purple backsplash would probably still look great, the reflective surface adds a little more sleekness to the design, making it a whole lot more interesting.

Ultra Violet Countertop

Photo Source: Gemsculpture.com

Speaking of interesting, have you heard of gemstone countertops? Gone are the days when granite and marble were the only stone options for your home. Countertops and other household fixtures made from gemstones such as amethyst, labradorite and rose quartz are growing in popularity. At the moment they’re quite pricey, as they can currently be found mainly from specialized fabricators.

This gorgeous amethyst countertop embodies the same mystical allure as Pantone’s Ultra Violet. White kitchen cabinets are the perfect foundation for such a countertop because you’ll want this precious gemstone to be the eye-catching centerpiece that your entire kitchen design revolves around.

Ultra Violet Painted Island

Photo Source: Bigchill.com

This humble, traditional kitchen shines because of its unique painted island. While Ultra Violet tends to be more vibrant in sleeker environments, this near-rustic kitchen design proves that it can blend in just about anywhere. Again, the white kitchen cabinets provide a blank slate that does not disrupt the aesthetic of the purple island.

Ultra Violet Wall & Brown Cabinets

Photo Source: housetohome.co.uk

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While white cabinetry is probably the simplest way to allow your Ultra Violet elements to shine, it isn’t the only way. As a matter of fact, you can achieve an even more intriguing aesthetic by bringing in more color. The above kitchen is the perfect example of how you can make this happen.

The light brown hues of these Shaker cabinets provide a warm compliment to the violet walls, as opposed to the cool aesthetic created by white cabinetry. This combination gives the kitchen a more comfortable, welcoming, homier feel.

Ultra Violet Accents

Photo Source: sisane.com

If painting all of your walls violet feels like way too much of a commitment, then you may want to try using an accent wall. Painting one wall violet while leaving the rest of the walls white allows this one wall to stand out, which puts the gorgeous violet hue on display without being too overbearing.

This kitchen takes it up a notch by adding a violet glass backsplash behind the range. The reflective glass surface slightly differentiates this backsplash from the wall, even though they’re the same color. The glass surface is not only visually appealing, but it also allows for easy cleanup.

Ultra Violet Cabinet Lights

Photo Source: marinandjason.com

If you’re madly in love with violet and none of the other kitchen designs are doing it for you, then you may want to go for something totally contemporary and totally unique. Rather than the usual cool white or warm yellow inner-cabinet LED lighting that is usually found in kitchens, you can use violet instead!

This kitchen proves that even in the most unsuspecting of kitchen designs and color schemes, violet lighting can work. The good thing is, since it’s a light, it can be turned off, so it doesn’t require as much of a commitment as the other designs. It can also be changed if ever you tire of the violet color, though we doubt that you will.

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