Countertop Ideas For Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Unlike more common kitchen cabinet colors, choosing the right countertop to match with your gray kitchen cabinets can be tricky. In addition to matching the hue of your cabinetry, your countertop choice must also complement the overall style of your kitchen. If you’re lost as to which countertop to choose for your particular kitchen, these countertop options are great for pairing with gray kitchen cabinets.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets & White Countertops

For a fool-proof countertop option with maximum flexibility, white is the way to go. No matter your kitchen style or the shade of gray cabinetry you choose, a white countertop will not clash with your gray kitchen cabinets.

In terms of flexibility, there are a number of countertop types that are available in all white, from engineered quartz to durable laminates. You can choose a purely white slab, or something more interesting such as white with flecks of glass or metals for a bit of sparkle.

The combination of gray and white provides a perfect foundation for dressing up your kitchen to your liking. You can keep it simple by adding more gray and white tones, such as in the backsplash above, or you can add pops of color to bring the room to life.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets & Black Countertops

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, black countertops are another great option for pairing with your gray kitchen cabinets. As with white, there are a number of types of countertops available in black, including quartz, laminates, and even natural stones such as granite.

You can again choose an all-black countertop or one with flecks of white, gray, or metallic elements. To prevent your kitchen from looking too dark, it should have ample natural lighting, as well as flooring and wall coloring in a contrasting tone such as white or light-colored wood.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets & Marble Countertops

With its characteristic gray veining, marble countertops are a natural match for gray kitchen cabinets. Though pricey, marble countertops boast supreme durability and can lend a look of luxury to your kitchen that is simply unmatched. For a traditional or transitional kitchen style, marble is a great way to go.

For carrara marble countertops, pair with black, white, and cool metals for an elegant monochromatic look. For calacatta marble, which tends to have veining in shades of brown or even flecks of gold, create a contrasting look with natural wood elements and warm metal tones. You can also take both of these designs up a notch by adding pops of the color of your choice.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have reigned as one of the most popular choices for a reason. With superior durability and a wide variety of colors, it’s hard to find a more versatile countertop option. No matter your kitchen style, you’ll easily find granite that will blend in well, even with gray kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen above uses a granite countertop that features hues of gray and white, which can easily match a number of gray cabinet shades. As granite is a natural material, no one slab will match another. However, you will generally find consistency with the coloring.

Of course, the combination of gray and white is just one granite option for pairing with your gray cabinets. Granite countertops in shades of black, blue, brown, or even green can be a great match. Combine with your preferred metallic accents for a more cohesive look.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets & Wood Countertops

For an interesting, contrasting look, try a wooden or butcher block countertop. This is an especially good idea if you’re an avid chef, as butcher block countertops provide ample space for food prep.

Wood countertops are widely available in a number of options for wood species and finishes. To easily tie a wooden countertop together with your gray cabinetry, utilize mixed cool and warm metal accents, such as stainless steel and brass or copper, such as in the kitchen above.

Of course, the particular color and stain of the countertop will depend on your cabinet’s shade of gray. Taking a cabinet sample to your countertop fabricator or salesperson is a great way to ensure that the type of wood that you choose will match your cabinet.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets & Concrete Countertops

For an attractive modern or contemporary monochromatic look, a gray-stained concrete countertop is a great match for most shades of gray cabinetry. Concrete is a highly durable and highly customizable material, which makes it perfect for countertops.

A number of techniques are used to impart color onto concrete countertops, including integral pigments, acid stain or dye. Depending on your tastes, you can create particularly interesting looks by choosing a countertop that is embedded with glass or other materials.

Your best bet is to find a fabricator to help you customize your countertop color to match your specific gray cabinetry. They should also be able to help you with proper installation.

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