How To Design Your Own Authentic Nautical Bathroom

Not all of us are lucky to have a house by the sea, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t bring a little bit of the sea indoors. Regardless of where your house is located, you can create an entirely new world right in your home – even in the bathroom! Nautical design is a popular design choice, especially for kids’ bathrooms, particularly because of the fun and imaginative design elements. Whether it’s for you or your little ones, a nautical bathroom design is an exciting and attractive option. Here are a few tips for creating your own nautical bathroom right in your home!

Bold Blue & White Nautical Stripes

Nautical designs boast a quintessential color scheme inspired by the ocean: blue & white. While nautical designs often use varying shades of blue, the most prominent one is navy blue. Historically, the classic blue & white stripe pattern is derived from the navy & white stripes once worn by French navy seamen in the 1800s. If designing a space for children, the big bold stripes can serve as both a fun design and a history lesson. Go all in with wall art featuring anchors and starfish – your kid will absolutely adore it!

Brighten With White Vanity Cabinets

Photo Source: The Lily Pad Cottage

Design your nautical bathroom using our Ice White Shaker vanity cabinets!

Nothing evokes the calmness of seaside living more than cool, crisp, white vanity cabinets. White vanity cabinets are a classic choice for nautical and other ocean-themed bathroom designs. White cabinets reflect light, giving your bathroom that light, breezy, beach-side feeling. It’s also a great canvas for decorating your bathroom to your heart’s desire.

In the bathroom above, white vanity cabinets serve as a gorgeous contrast to the darker blue and gray hues. The shiplap walls are a classic nautical design element as they’re reminiscent of the wooden planks of ships. Painting them a gorgeous nautical blue takes the design to an entirely new level.

Go Rustic With Driftwood

Photo Source: Southern Revivals

Planks of wood are another classic nautical design element that will give your space a rustic, natural feel. They can be incorporated in a variety of ways, all of which will add that authentic nautical look. This bathroom uses rustic wood elements in two different ways. The wooden shelves are a convenient storage space, while the large wooden fish decor is the icing on the cake.

Nautical Bathroom Lighting

Photo Source: Decor Pad

Never take a great set of light fixtures for granted. They’re a perfect opportunity to expand upon or bring together a design theme. When it comes to nautical bathroom designs, it’s quite easy to find light fixtures that mimic the lamps found in boats. They’re a unique design element that can give your nautical space an authentic and attractive finishing touch.

Decorative Trinkets Straight From The Sea

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There are a wide range of options when it comes to nautical decorations. This bathroom combines a number of different sea-themed design elements. Wooden crates evoke planks of shipwrecked wood while serving as a great showcase for other decorative items. Sea shells, starfish, driftwood and sand are all inexpensive and easy to find.

Photo Source: Decor Pad

While ocean-themed decorations are relevant, they tend to be more coastal than nautical. This may be preferable for main bathrooms that will be used mostly by adults. Ropes, anchors, wooden oars and silver buckets are more nautical-specific decorations that would be particularly fun for an imaginative children’s bathroom.

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