Designing The L-Shaped Kitchen


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One of the most popular kitchen layouts for apartments and smaller homes, the L-shaped kitchen is highly versatile and able to accommodate a wide variety of different floor plans.


About the L-Shaped Kitchen

Consisting of two adjoining lengths of countertops that meet at a corner to form the L, this type of kitchen is great for small to medium sized living spaces because it allows for two walls worth of cabinet space, while also allowing for an open flowing feel. In smaller homes, the more walls you add, the smaller the space feels. That’s why the L-shaped kitchen is a desirable option if you live in a smaller apartment or home, but still like to entertain and talk to your guests while cooking.


Planning Your L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The simplicity of this kitchen layout makes it extremely flexible when it comes to creating a smooth and easy kitchen work triangle. In this layout, choosing where to place your sink, cooktop and tall units pretty much just depends on your personal preferences. However, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind:


  • Sink and Cooktop – To maximize your kitchen work triangle, you’ll want to put your sink on one side of the L and your cooktop on the other, this will give you the opportunity to space out your work stations more evenly and create better ease of movement during meal prep.


  • Tall units – There are really only two options when it comes to where you’re going to place your refrigerator and floor to ceiling cabinets: at the end of the short run of the L, or at the end of the long run. So, when thinking about where to put your tall units, the main thing to consider is lighting. If your kitchen gets direct sunlight, think about where that sunlight will fall throughout the day and make sure that you are not positioning your tall units in a place that will block that light.


  • Size – If you have the space for a larger kitchen but still prefer the L shape, you might want to consider adding an island, rather than simply lengthening one or both runs of your L. If your counter extends more than 12 feet or so, you’re going to have trouble keeping up a nice workflow in the kitchen, and chances are that extra counterspace will end up being used as junk mail storage rather than usable kitchen prep space. Instead, consider a simple island or breakfast bar to give you more counter space and create a place for family and guests to gather around the kitchen.


Again, the L-Shaped kitchen is all about versatility, in smaller to medium sized homes it offers plenty of counter space without taking up too much space or creating traffic jams, and in large homes, it makes the kitchen/dining area feel even larger, while also allowing for add-ons like prep islands and breakfast bars.

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