How To Create Your Very Own Breakfast Nook

When faces are lit with sunshine, love is served with fresh pancakes and coziness comes easy–there is a high probability you are dining in a breakfast nook! A smartly designed breakfast nook symbolizes how small spaces of your home can be innovated with a bit of creativity to create a serene area to enjoy the everyday life. We realize setting up breakfast nooks is not the most commonly discussed topic in home décor but we have always dared to be different. So, let us get started…

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Offer fresh look to your Breakfast Nook

Getting Familiar with Nook Basics

A breakfast nook is usually enclosed from two or three sides and a window is positioned nearby to allow natural light. If you wish to have a breakfast nook for casual dining in your home, then you can create one for yourself. A breakfast nook is usually a small space that is ideal for accommodating four to six people to enjoy cheerful meals. If you do not have a breakfast nook in your kitchen, then you can create one on your own. There are various types of breakfast nook designs that can inspire you to create something innovative and you can even add a personal touch to it.

Exploring Breakfast Nook Looks & Uses

You can either go for a formal look by choosing beautiful curtains, an antique table, and padded benches to create a stately grandeur in the background. An informal setting can also be created by using casual furniture and light design elements. It is not necessary to always use your breakfast nook as a dining space; you can also use it as your laptop station, or your children can use it as a study table too.

breakfast nook

A soothing and refreshing breakfast nook to start your day

Creating Your Own Breakfast Nook Made Easier

If you have any extra and unused space in your kitchen then it is better to make it useful. So turn your kitchen’s extra space into a cozy kitchen nook with these useful tips and kick start your day by having a delightful breakfast in this space.

  • Separate makes a lot of sense. With the help of custom millwork you can create a unique breakfast nook that will virtually act as a separate eating space in your kitchen. This will provide you a snug space for enjoying comfort meals.
  • High banquet is an equally good choice. You can create a breakfast nook which serves as a respite from the utilitarian styling of your kitchen with the help of a high banquet back. The back of the booth will create a partition between your kitchen and your breakfast nook, thereby fragmenting the two zones.
  • Give three-sided booths a try. In order to accommodate a larger group of people than the usual count, this type of breakfast nook is worth a try. To get a cozy feel and an airy ambiance, you can install thick tufted upholstery.
  • Transform your booth into a bay. Any space filled with natural light coming from three surrounding windows will surely reenergize your body and soul in the morning hours.
  • Making corners more useful. A banquette tucked in a corner maximizes the eating area. You can add a round table to keep things open in such a space and a single chandelier light will do the soft lighting job. While many banquettes are custom pieces, ready-made versions are also available.
  • Island as a part of banquette. Combining the kitchen table and the island for eating purposes will let you enjoy the island workstation and layout while maintaining a traditional kitchen styling.
  • Use stain-resistant fabrics. You should use satin resistant fabrics in your breakfast nook as this place is very likely to experience spills. You can choose from a variety of stain resistant fabrics available in the market.
  • Old fashion style dining. Cheerful cushions with some bamboo chairs render a classic look to this kind of breakfast nook. Also, vinyl is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Mix match prints of booth backs. A nice combination of prints will surely stand out in the kitchen decor and will offer an inviting feel.
  • We recommend curves. A round table and corresponding curved banquette will create a pleasing eat-in spot.
  • Give warm colors some consideration. Cool contemporary style décor of your breakfast nook can be given a more comfortable ambiance by adding some warm hues.


Summarizing the Discussion

Breakfast is such an important meal, so why not create a reserved space for enjoying the first meal of the day?  A breakfast nook also creates the welcoming aura that a dining space should have—infusing the positivity that you need to kick-start the day.

Try using the tips discussed above to create your own delightful breakfast corner.

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