Kitchen Faucet Decisions: 5 Things You Need to Know

The market for kitchen supplies and accessories is overflowing with the best, most sophisticated embellishments for your kitchen. However, these installations are usually expensive and might not offer a practical value. We offer you a smarter, reasonably priced and longer-lasting alternative: kitchen faucets. Choosing the right kitchen faucet is not as easy as it seems. There are many pros and cons to consider apart from being aware of what is trending these days. In this discussion, we provide an overview on how to pick the best faucet in accordance with your requirements. From decadent faucet choices for purely superficial purposes, to those meant for everyday utility, here’s what you need to know about choosing/buying a kitchen faucet…

Kitchen faucet

Kitchen Faucet for Modern interior

Fact 1 – Kitchen Faucets Are Hard-Working Kitchen Equipment

You need to realize that along with kitchen countertops, faucets are perhaps the busiest, most neglected of kitchen elements. Faucets are often misused and don’t present any maintenance requirements. To ensure you get a preferred flow of water, within a certain temperature range, you need smartly engineered kitchen faucets. Try to think of faucets as a long-term proposition that will yield an impressive return on investment. We recommend spending a few more dollars outside your realm of comfort to ensure that you get a long-serving faucet.

Fact 2 – Your Faucet Buying Reasons Should be Clear

The reasons can be very different. From renovation to refurbishing the kitchen to merely changing old-fashioned or outdated faucets, buying decisions present an array of reasons. You need to decide your primary motive for buying the faucet. This will eventually affect your buying decision and the budget range. Continuously leaking faucets, which are impervious to any attempts of fixing it, need standard, performance-oriented faucets for a quick replacement. Try to do some research into the history of faucet performance among your friends and online. You might come across some brands that are guilty of being repeat offenders.

Fact 3 – All Kitchen Faucets Are Not Created Equal

From their design to the primary constructional materials, faucets present a vast range of choices. Ideally, you should seek a blend of performance and style. Some faucets have carved a niche in the kitchen supplies market. This includes the use of premium materials like brass and stainless steel finishing. There is a premium range of faucets out there where buying decisions are driven primarily by design rather than performance. Some faucets are tested for national or even international quality benchmarks while others are manufactured locally but might have an enviable reputation in a region.

Kitchen faucet

Kitchen Faucet design for Minimalist Look

Fact 4 – Faucets Are Evaluated For Overall Ease of Functioning

Single-handle and two-handle faucets are the two, primary considerations in this niche. Two-handle faucets provide better hot and cold water control while single-handle faucets are a more compact, space-saving proposition. If a new faucet presents considerable plumbing upgrades, count these as additional expenses. As a rule, never buy faucets that present an overwhelming range of options. Brilliance in this niche lies in simplicity. From lever options to pull down, side spray and pull out features, evaluate each of the user-oriented features of a faucet.

Fact 5 – Kitchen Faucet Advertising Can Be Misleading

The promise of elegant designing and innovation is becoming too regular to be true. Please remember that at its core, most kitchen faucets use the same functional principle. Don’t read too much into how a faucet can affect the appearance of your kitchen. Yes, the choice of finishing does contribute to the kitchen’s decor but every finishing termed as “premium” might not resonate with your kitchen’s ambiance. If you do understand technical terminology, try enquiring about handle cap, spray head, spray diverters, and water flow control mechanisms at play. If you feel overwhelmed with such an elaborate buying process, opt for the more globally popular brands. This also gives you the leverage of getting the guarantee or warrantee honored by the retailer.

Remember the basics in faucet selection like the dimensions of a faucet being affected by the size of your sinks—a fundamental consideration that we often ignore!!

Faucets are not a mere requirement in the kitchen. They also influence the kitchen’s overall efficiency to a great extent. Faucets that are high on design and armed with the latest in water flow and temperature control technologies make for a sensible purchase.


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