Kitchen Tools We Wish Were Never Dumped

Day to day developments and innovations are making obsolete a few appliances and inventions which were once considered extremely valuable and highly useful. Latest kitchen appliances and gadgets have quickened the cooking process and have made working in the kitchen more convenient. Now you can perform multiple kitchen tasks by using one appliance or gadget. You can grate, mash, peel or chop the veggies and fruits in a highly efficient food processor. Today, you need not switch to different tools to accomplish different tasks as many kitchen tools are capable of performing multiple purposes in a hassle-free manner.

However, the invention of new tools does not mean that the old ones need to be abandoned! Even today there are people who still find these tools and very charming! In this blog, we will turn a bit nostalgic and discuss the tools that we wish were never dumped.

Box Grater

4-Sided Box Grater with Ultra Coarse Blade

Box Grater

The box grater was very useful in the kitchen. Food processors might have taken the place of the box grater in the kitchen, but they cannot replace the convenience attached with the box grater. Food processors can perform similar chores in less time and with more perfection, but they are not as easy and convenient to use or maintain whereas box graters are easy to use and clean and does not require large space for storage.

Microwave Rice Cooker

Microwave rice cookers are easy to use, and are highly efficient. We are not trying to question the efficacy of modern age electric cookers, but they cannot give the similar pleasure of cooking and cannot match that great taste! One could cook a small quantity of rice in microwave rice cooker easily and quickly. Owing to their compact size, one can also take them along on trips and can savor delicious rice anytime and anywhere.

Immersion Blenders  

Compared to conventional blenders, immersion blenders are more convenient to use and render desired results. They utilize less storage space and are easier to clean. Any regular immersion blender can help you make the well-textured thin paste for preparing your favorite fine sauces. If you believe that the immersion blender has lost its charm then you need to reconsider its benefits and advantages.

Sugar Tongs

Stylish Sugar Tongs for Impressive Statement

Sugar Tongs

Sugar tongs are a rare sight nowadays, but that does not imply that they have become obsolete! Sugar tongs were once used to hold and drop big sugar cubes into beverages or the classic teas. Now that people have reduced the intake of sugar cubes, sugar tongs have also been neglected and are now seen in very few homes.

Grape Scissors

Grape scissors were once in vogue, but today they aren’t a common sight neither in homes nor in kitchen appliances stores. Grape scissors were once considered a highly sophisticated and royal kitchen tool. The charm of cutting grapes with specially crafted scissors is unmatched! The fast paced lives of today does not allow people to make use of the tool, which is why grape scissors have gone lost in the pages of historical inventions.

Meat Tenderizer

2-in-1 Meat Tenderizer

Meat Tenderizer

Meat tenderizers are made from metal or wood. If you are a non-vegetarian food connoisseur, then you will surely agree how important these tenderizers are, as they can make tough steaks fit for chewing. Nowadays the tool is less used and is not a part of most of kitchens. Marination and other such techniques have replaced the tool and have therefore reduced its significance.

There are many kitchen appliances and tools that have not been used for ages or have been replaced by better and improved gadgets. Contemporary appliances might perform a similar job with similar efficiency, but can never match the charm the old kitchen tools possess. The gadgets are still not absolutely obsolete; one can still find them in the antiques shops or in the homes of chefs and food connoisseurs.

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