Lend A Bistro Styled Makeover To Your Kitchen

When it comes to designing your kitchen, being a non-conformist helps. You will find an array of kitchen styling ideas while browsing the net or exploring the home design websites, but delving deeper you will find that most of them have similar ideas presented in a different way. This season, we would recommend opting for something really unconventional and unique to make your kitchen space truly enticing. One such idea is conjuring a bistro in your kitchen to bring in unmatched European charm.  Many of us are smitten by the allure of European dining culture and wish to savor the same atmosphere in our kitchen. Most of us find the ‘Bistro’- a small and casually styled restaurant with a hearty menu, the most evocative option. In this blog, we will discuss the ways in which you can incorporate the essence of restaurant styling or bistros in your kitchen design.

Adding Warmth with Intimate Lighting

One of the reasons behind the snug and inviting atmosphere of bistros is the intimate lighting used, especially during the evenings. When we talk about a bistro styled kitchen, getting the kitchen lighting right is the first step. Use low flood lights or low-hung chandeliers, pendants or scones for a diffused glow.

Bistro Style Kitchen

Warm Cafe/Bistro Style Kitchen Decor

Classic Window Awnings To Transform the Ambiance Instantly

For ensuring tailored grace inside the kitchen, choose classic window awnings that are archetypal of Parisian Bistros. A crisp black and white striped fabric is capable of lending the desired Bistro feel to your cherished kitchen.

Add Historical Flair with Patterned Floor Tiles

Choose an exotic, dark colored tile pattern to add a European touch to your kitchen floor. Penny tile or hexagonal tiles are the hallmarks of a traditional bistro. Paint the cabinets black and let them take backstage to highlight your stylish tiled floor. Tiles inspired from intimate French boîtes will add warmth to the cabinets and other elements of the kitchen. You can also choose oversized black and white checkboard tile for the floor.

A Heavy Wood Island for a Refreshing Touch

Acting as the perfect gathering place for guests, a heavy wood island can go a long way in helping you with the Bistro makeover. If you love to indulge with your guests, then the wooden island will act as the most welcoming place for them. Ensure that you have lots of counter space and warm interiors for a restaurant like feel.

An Interesting Twist with Advertising Posters

Bistros obtain their character with advertising posters flaunting magnificent travel locations, champagne and Gallic goods. For a ‘restro-twist’ in your kitchen, incorporate a group of such chic posters or choose only one oversized colorful wall hanging to act as the focal point of your kitchen design.

Bistro Style Kitchen Decor

Black and White Bistro Style Kitchen Decor

Chalkboards: The Quintessential Elements of your own Bistro Kitchen

Bistros scrawl their soupe à l’oignon and charcuterie with chalk on a blackboard. You can incorporate a chalkboard in your kitchen for creating the Bistro effect and use it for grocery lists and household reminders rather than announcing the menus like restaurants. You can hang the chalkboard on the wall or cover a refrigerator panel with chalkboard paint to achieve the desired impact.

Flaunt your Cookware Openly

Cookware is displayed openly in restaurants as chefs need easy access to the pots, pans and dishes while cooking. If you are trying to turn your kitchen into a Bistro, flaunt your cookware in open shelves or on a ceiling-mounted pot rack. Choose well-worn copper or steel plans to complete the restaurant look.

Zinc Countertops are Practical and Have a ‘Restro’ Feel

Archetypal of French Bistros, zinc countertops are not only practical but provide an accent to the overall ambiance.  European style restaurants generally have zinc countertops next to the bar. Of course, you don’t have a bar next to your breakfast table but a zinc countertop can create the required vibe.

Apart from the above mentioned ideas, you can incorporate some other elements to complete the continental appeal. If you are ready to spend some money for the revamp, invest in a professional range and hood. Manage the space in your kitchen by constructing cabinets that go right to the ceiling and store all kitchen essentials in one place. Place backless bar stools next to your bar table rather than opting for traditional chairs to create the ambiance. Those who are not a fan of a tiled floor might choose grey and white mosaic marble flooring which looks just like a beautiful rug and adds warmth to the place.

So, if you’re tired of browsing through random websites for kitchen revamping ideas, take a bold leap and choose a Bistro styled makeover for your most treasured place in the house.

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