Small Kitchen Keep-ups To Keep Your Kitchen Looking New

Looking new is common to all perceptions about what qualifies as a contemporary, stylishly maintained kitchen. Even the smallest kitchen can create this aura as long as you have access to practical tips—easy ways to give your kitchen that glow associated with new, polished surfaces and appliances.

small kitchen

See how you can keep your kitchen tailored and sleek

Exactly what are we talking about?

This discussion goes beyond the realm of kitchens fitted with the latest in technology that reduces kitchenware, eliminating clutter. Here, our emphasis is on a conventional but progressive kitchen that needs some degree of regular upkeep. The idea is to look beyond the basics of washing and wiping routines that are invariably laborious and might not create the desired effect. We are against weekend-long cleaning marathons or Holiday Season big spending that are demanding and can prove expensive. These tips will also help you maintain more hygiene in the kitchen.

Start on the Right Note: Introspection!

First, you need to spot classic signs of a deteriorating kitchen space and find out what is keeping your kitchen looking aged. This includes everything from doors that are easily overcome by smoky deposits to loose grouting, molding, or not paying attention to wallpaper sections that needed a timely, life-saving repair. Now, you need to accept that this is going to be a smart but ongoing process. You cannot stop your kitchen from aging but think of these DIY tips as a quick facelift, a shot of Botox to the kitchen décor:

Small Kitchen

Exquisite Styled Kitchen Decor

Basics First – Regular Wiping NOT Scrubbing

It is a good idea to scrub the cabinets, countertops and other kitchen surfaces, but this should not be a painful chore. The idea is to keep some paper towels and wipes handy, near countertops, so that spills are instantly wiped away. Don’t reserve the cleaning for the end of month as this can snowball into a workout that can be physically and emotionally draining. We highly recommend frequent wiping. It is easy, does not cost much and can be easily cultivated as a habit. Regular rubbing includes cleaning in and around the:

  • Stove
  • Under surfaces of cabinets
  • Grout lines
  • Sinks
  • Countertops

Our Tip – Ditch the Good Old Sponge: Sponges of the regular type soon outlive their initial utility. They are also susceptible to retaining bacteria and often prove less useful for wiping away sticky grime. You might be surprised to know that some regional health departments prohibit use of sponges in commercial kitchens that are subject to stringent hygiene regulations. We recommend trying terrycloth dishtowels that help to wipe, rub away, absorb, and dab counters and dishes with equal ease. Sponges are more vulnerable to retaining harsh chemicals often found in branded cleaning solutions—an unwanted health hazard in the heart of your home!

Be Biased to Metal & Glass

From kitchen appliances, like dishwashers and fridges, to cutlery items and doorknobs, metallic surfaces can play an integral role in keeping your kitchen looking new. The reason is easy to understand—with a simple wipe, metallic surfaces impress with more luster, adding that sparkle to your kitchen. However, the new-like gleam is equally easy to create by paying attention to glass surfaces. This includes transparent and reflective glasses that bring that unmistakable feeling of gleaming surfaces in the kitchen. Think outside the box and identify often ignored surfaces such as containers, wrought iron chairs, and backsplash tiles—each of these presents an opportunity to infuse that shining newness in the kitchen.

Our Tip:

  • Minimize use of plastic and cardboard containers
  • Invest in metallic and glass containers instead
  • Choose toasters and everyday kitchen accessories in lustrous metallic finishing
  • Choose stainless steel kitchen knobs
  • You don’t need to change all knobs at once, even a few does the trick!

Another Handy Tip to Make the Kitchen Look Expensive: these days, paint-on stainless steel finishing in the form of easy-to-use cans is easily available at hardware stores. Opt for non-toxic paints for easily updating appearance of aging appliances without harming the environment. This is among easiest ways to get rid of that typical, dated feeling.

An Easy DIY Kitchen Trick: Labeling

Ever looked hard at painter’s tape? Look closer and you will find a lot of textures, bright colors and an opportunity to update the kitchen décor. When trying to add some glint to the kitchen, label your jars and containers in bright labels. Changing them is easy and interesting DIY activity. A bit of color can make a huge difference and contribute a great deal in making your kitchen look new for a long time. Bring in some funky colored containers and stools. Or if you have the time paint it in a bright yellow or orange color or put up patterned wallpaper. Painting even one wall can breathe new life into your kitchen.

Try Regular But Cheap Replacements

We understand that you cannot refurbish your kitchen every few months but there are things you can replace more frequently without spending big. Try changing the drawer handles, doorknobs and containers from time to time so that the overall ambience appears different. Replacing weathered trims on kitchen cabinet bases can make a big difference in the kitchen’s appearance. New cabinet door hinges can go a long way in giving a new look to the kitchen. Hinges are available in many different finishes to make your cabinetry look and feel like new again. Also, you can replace crown moldings to give the kitchen a refurbished accent.

More Suggestions For A Quick Kitchen Revamp

Use under-cabinet lighting for better ambience. Halogen or xenon under-cabinet lights are outstanding alternatives to fluorescents. This kind of illumination gives a tasteful, elite update to the kitchen. These DIY methods can go a long way in ensuring that your kitchen looks young and beautiful in years to come. However, you can always seek professional help for better up-keep and saving time. Always try to maintain proper ventilation in the kitchen by using a vent fan and having some windows that allow sunshine to come into the kitchen.

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